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Nordmin Constructors a new Canadian full service mining EPC and EPCM company

first_imgCanada’s Nordmin Group has announced the creation of Nordmin Constructors Inc (Constructors), a company focused on providing full EPC solutions to the mining and industrial sectors across North America and around the world. Constructors joins Nordmin Engineering Ltd (Engineering) within the group. “Constructors is the manifestation of Engineering’s existing efforts in the industry, but expanded to include full construction management and general contracting services to streamline projects and improve efficency.”Now operating as a sister company rather than a division of Nordmin Engineering, Nordmin Constructors will move forward in undertaking major capital projects providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction services, coordinating all aspects of the project from construction through commissioning. “Nordmin Engineering Ltd has provided EPC and EPCM services for the last many years, stopping short of operating as a full general contractor. However, with changes in the industry it is clear to us that the mining and industrial sectors need a company like Nordmin Constructors that can efficiently execute projects from start to finish, maintaining focus, safety, budget and schedule. Our focus is efficiency and fit for project solutions, not maximising our hours and fees on a project,” says Chris Dougherty, Chairman of the Nordmin Group.Nordmin Constructors Inc will be led by Mining Industry veteran Micheal Mayhew, formerly Vice-President, Operations with AMC Contractors and Dumas Mining. With 25 years or more of experience in construction and contracting around the world, Mike’s leadership will prove invaluable in guiding the company going forward. “This is a very exciting development for me and for the Nordmin Group. We are building on the 14 years of effort at Nordmin Engineering and have many opportunities before us to make Nordmin Constructors a major player and provide the mining and industrial sectors with a positive alternative to ‘big project team’ thinking that is both safe and efficient,” says Micheal Mayhew, President of Nordmin Constructors Inc. The Nordmin Group of Companies is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with offices in Sudbury, Ontario, Kamloops, British Columbia and Salt Lake City, Utah. The group provides engineering, construction and operational support to the mining and industrial sectors worldwide.last_img read more

US study finds link between pesticides and autism

first_imgA CALIFORNIA STUDY published today found that pregnant women who lived near farms where pesticides are applied had a two-thirds higher risk of having children with autism.The findings in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives examine the association between living near commercial pesticide applications and having offspring with autism, but do not show cause-and-effect.Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that ranges in severity and has been on the rise in recent years. Health authorities say it now affects as many as one in 68 children in the United States.The latest research was based on data about commercial pesticide applications in California, combined with residential addresses of about 1,000 participants in a study of families with an autistic child.“We mapped where our study participants’ lived during pregnancy and around the time of birth,” said principal investigator Irva Hertz-Picciotto, vice chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences at University of California, Davis.California law requires detailed records on what kinds of pesticides are applied, where and when and how much.“What we saw were several classes of pesticides more commonly applied near residences of mothers whose children developed autism or had delayed cognitive or other skills.”About one-third of study participants lived within 1.25 to 1.75 kilometers (about a mile) from a site where commercial pesticides were applied.Researchers found risks of autism were highest when the chemicals were applied during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.The study authors said the developing fetal brain may be particularly vulnerable to pesticides.“This study validates the results of earlier research that has reported associations between having a child with autism and prenatal exposure to agricultural chemicals in California,” said lead study author Janie Shelton, a UC Davis graduate student.“While we still must investigate whether certain sub-groups are more vulnerable to exposures to these compounds than others, the message is very clear: Women who are pregnant should take special care to avoid contact with agricultural chemicals whenever possible.”- © AFP 2014.Read: €9 million research programme in Autism described as ‘groundbreaking’>Read: Here’s how these furry friends are changing the lives of autistic children in Ireland>last_img read more