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Gerald McDormand denied attacking killing Blaine Katz

Sitting in a corner of a Regina Police Service interview room on the evening of Aug. 13, 2017, Gerald McDormand denied having had anything to do with the stabbing death of 39-year-old Blaine Katz the night before.“I didn’t touch the guy,” he said. “I didn’t kill him … This is f*****g b******t.”McDormand remained in the seat for close to three hours, but continued to refute allegations he orchestrated or participated in what turned into a fatal attack on Katz.The video of the interview was played on Wednesday during 46-year-old McDormand’s manslaughter trial. McDormand is one of two people ultimately arrested and charged in connection with the homicide.Steven St. Pierre, 41, previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received a 12½-year sentence.McDormand’s trial has heard so far from a variety of witnesses who testified about events leading up to and following the incident that led to Katz’s death, but no one who directly witnessed the event.McDormand told Sgt. Pierre Beauchesne he did witness the attack — but from a side stairwell, not at the spot where the assault happened.He initially claimed to know nothing about the incident, telling the Major Crimes detective, “I wasn’t even there.”Confronted with surveillance video stills showing him and St. Pierre entering and leaving the apartment building at 2105 Cornwall St. and the suggestion others had provided detailed statements already, McDormand acknowledged he was, in fact, inside the building but insisted he stayed in the stairwell.“(I was) waiting for Blaine to come over because Steve was going to beat him up,” he said.He told Beauchesne that St. Pierre was inside an apartment and began the assault as soon as Katz entered the suite. McDormand said he heard a “commotion” and came out at that point, but left without touching Katz.“I come out of there, Blaine was getting beat …,” he said. “I saw blood so I left.”“Where’d you see blood?” Beauchesne asked.“All over,” McDormand replied.McDormand said he was positive the clothing he was wearing wouldn’t come back with Katz’s DNA on it. But court previously heard DNA evidence revealed several articles of clothing said to have been McDormand’s contained Katz’s blood.Co-defence counsel Jeff Deagle, in cross-examining a DNA expert on Wednesday, questioned whether it was possible Katz’s blood could have transferred onto McDormand’s clothing through contact with someone else’s bloody clothes. The expert said it was possible, though more likely if the blood was still wet.McDormand also denied having had a “beef” with Katz that led to the assault, although he acknowledged the two had once had a brief altercation at the courthouse.“He didn’t owe me nothing,” he told Beauchesne, speaking to a suggested motive involving a debt.He said if St. Pierre told police McDormand was involved in the beating, “he’s lying.” And he denied having changed his clothes despite video and physical evidence suggesting otherwise.As the interview continued, McDormand acknowledged certain details, some of which he later attempted to back away from: that St. Pierre agreed to help him out in exchange for drugs and that McDormand had intended to use a T-shirt as a mask.He insisted he didn’t know St. Pierre had a knife.McDormand told Beauchesne he believed he would be cleared in court.“I’m not going to admit to something I didn’t do,” he [email protected]/LPHeatherP read more