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The US Navy is testing the Oculus Rift

first_imgWhen the Oculus Rift debuted on Kickstarter, we all had visions of intense, fully immersive first-person shooters. While that’s a pretty cool use for the head-mounted display tech, it’s nothing compared to what the Navy is doing with it. Yes, Uncle Sam has an Oculus Rift and it’s being used to do things that are unquestionably cooler than anything you would do with it.The Oculus Rift is being analyzed by a group called Project BlueShark, which is an initiative within the Office of Naval Research. BlueShark is all about seeing where the future of communication and operational environments will go. Basically, it’s about how the Navy will control equipment and collaborate in the future. The Oculus Rift is apparently sufficiently futuristic for the military.The image above, while incredibly cool, comes with very little explanation. The Oculus is being used to project a virtual environment aboard a ship of some sort, which is being duplicated on the nearby monitor. The fellow also has motion sensing apparatuses on his hands, which are presumably tied into the simulation.The Oculus Rift is currently a $300 dev kit, and it appears this is the version the Navy has — not some special advanced prototype. The final version of the Oculus Rift is being designed to be affordable for consumers, so the Navy will surely be able to swing it too if they like this display tech. However, the military has very specific needs when it comes to security and durability — they might have to hire a contractor to make a head-mounted display that costs 10 times as much.last_img read more