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first_img Share LocalNews IMPORTANT VARIATIONS TO THE AIRPORT ROAD PROJECT SET TO IMPROVE THE LONGTERM VIABILITY OF THAT ROAD by: – March 1, 2011 134 Views   2 comments Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Share Tweet GIS News by Emmanuel JosephTheMinistry of Public Works is currently taking a number of steps to ensure that the airport road development project is of the highest integrity and standard.Work on lot two of the project extending from Pond Casé to MelvilleHall is currently on-going.Hon. Minister for Public Works, RayburnBlackmoore, in speaking to the media on Friday, said while the project is progressing at a steady pace, a number of variations had to be made to the original scope of work on the road.“There are some variations that must be done to take the road to the level that will bring some degree of satisfaction to us in Dominica. It makes no sense to build a road now and three (3) years down the road, you come to spend or do the things you could have done now.”In the Gleau Gommier area for example, the Minister says work is being done to re-align that section of the road which will address a road failure issue there.“If you look at the Gleau Gommier area, this is a very dangerous area and you have seen the road failure over a period of time. What we have to do in is to re-align the road further eastwards. That would require some significant excavation work.”TheMinister says the construction of a protective river wall along the Hatten Garden section of the road is necessary to protect the investment.“The initial inclination there was to have excavated towards the cliff areas. However, we have a situation whereby the river in itself is undermining the road. Therefore, there is need for us to protect that major investment by installing a concrete wall and is going to cost in the area of one point one million dollars (XCD$1.1 m). We also believe that if we have to get the road right, we have to ensure that we put in place the necessary mitigating factors in place. We are looking at the possibility of erecting a river wall there and to do some minimal excavation towards the cliff area and make the road safer and to protect that major investment.”The ministry of public works will also work towards cutting any unnecessary bends along the road.“Around the round-about, you are going to see a straighter road. You have seen some work started there and as I have said, the intention is to make the road as safe as possible and to really enhance the whole issue of security, more importantly to people.”The Canefield to Melville hall road is expected to be completed by February 2012. TheMinister says his ministry has taken all the necessary actions to ensure the project is delivered by the contractors on time.“If you are going to ask people to drive through the Carib Reserve, you cannot drive through the Carib Reserve indefinitely. Therefore, we have to ensure that we, as the Ministry and Government, honour our responsibility under the contract and we have to ensure that the contractor, himself, stick to the terms and conditions of the contract and to deliver the project, of course, in a timely manner.What we have instructed, through the consultant on the project, is to have additional pieces of equipment, more specifically, excavators to have what you call mass excavation during the dry spell. We do not want a situation whereby we go into the rainy season and having to do significant excavation work. That can be devastating and once we have all the required assets on the job site, that is to say the tools of trade and pieces of equipment and sufficient manpower, we can then have the road closed except for local access at particular times. What you do not want to happen is to have significant work being done, especially excavation, and to have vehicles and persons trying to make their way in and out of the construction site. We have to ensure that we put in place the necessary controls in terms of traffic for the travelling public. We believe with a proper schedule and proper supervision and accountability we can get the contractor to execute this project in a timely fashion.”Lot two of the airport road project is funded by the government of the republic of France through the Agence Francaise de Developement at the cost of $52 million dollars.last_img read more