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Councillors decry poor conditions at Region 10 health centres

first_img– proper facilities, equipment neededConcerns have been raised by Regional Councillors of Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Berbice) Democratic Council (RDC) following a recent visit to numerous Health Centres across the region by the administration’s Works Committee.Of major concerns are the One Mile Health Centre at Wismar, Linden and Old England Health Centre at Mackenzie.During this month’s statutory meeting Councillor Charles Sampson pointed to several issues at the Old England Centre which he said needs to be addressed immediately.While he urged the Regional Health Department to step up efforts, he questioned whether the department ever conducts visits.He pointed out too that the facility appears to be too small to serve the growing community.“The Old England Health Centre is too small. There is no space…it needs expansion. When you go in there, you shuffling between people. They want chairs, they want equipment and when we went, there one working light. All the other lights were not working, were recently installed, brand new but they aren’t working…the people in that area are suffering every day,” he explained.Sampson said too that there is an absence of potable water at the facility and for staff to secure water they have to manually fetch it. He called on the RDC to put systems in place to facilitate the regular supply of water to the health institution, while noting that due to its landscape, water accumulates inside the compound when it rains, resulting in flooding.Alluding to conditions at the One Mile Health Centre, he said the facility which stores medical supplies for other health centres in the community does not have backup power supply during power outages, as was witnessed by the visiting team. The existing generator is out of order.“There are a litany of woes at the One Mile Health Centre. There were so many things that were discussed with the nurses and the people who administer, that one wonders if the Regional Health Department ever visits these places”, the Councillor vocally wondered at the meeting.In addition, he pointed to garbage build-up and overgrown vegetation in the compound: “Why can’t we keep those facilities clean?” he wanted to know.The councillor also explained that he was informed that concerns raised by staff at the health centre allegedly results in threats of transfers.Additionally, Sampson stressed the need for an emergency response to address some of the issues. He stated that all the centres visited including the Wisroc and Coomacka Health Centres appeared to have one common issue: dilapidated equipment for staff nurses.Sampson explained that there is usually no proper response from the Health Department when written to on numerous issues: “There are lots of issues that have to be addressed immediately, and we are talking about people’s health”, he stressed.On the flipside, Sampson said the Health Centre at Coomacka is in good shape.Meanwhile, Councillor Douglas Gittens, part of the visiting team, said the burning of garbage in open spaces was a common practice by those health centres visited; he made calls for the construction of incinerators.Gittens also requested that a letter be written to the relevant health authorities to enquire about the faecal coliform level of the water in the Region, since he said it is considered extremely high.In a response to several issues outlined, Regional Chairman Renis Morian said he sincerely hopes that no staff is transferred for highlighting such issues, while noting that it is disturbing that in the quest to seek the necessary upgrades they are targeted:“Our nurses and support staff shouldn’t feel afraid of anybody. Nobody shouldn’t threaten anybody if they’re asking for their work conditions to be improved…I’m saying that if you’re threatening the workers in Region 10, then you aren’t supposed to be working in Region 10…because people continue to ask for an evolution of their work environment to feel better,” Morian said.He also made a promise to meet with leaders in the Region’s health departments, as he urged all to work towards having the issues addressed.last_img read more

A’s keep winning as they wait for bats to really come alive

first_imgHOUSTON — The A’s head into their three-game series against the Astros coming off a 6-2 homestand that was successful mostly due to an unlikely source.The offense is considered the strength of the A’s for 2019. How far they get will depend on the bats of their stars like Matt Chapman, Khris Davis and Matt Olson once he returns from injury. But 10 games into the regular season, the starting pitching, which all spring training was considered a potential weakness, has done a lot of the heavy …last_img

Two new mechanisms for herbicide resistance found in Palmer amaranth

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Palmer amaranth is a nightmare of a weed, causing yield losses up to 80% in severely infested soybean fields. It scoffs at farmers’ attempts at control, having evolved resistance to six classes of herbicides since its discovery in the United States 100 years ago. And now, scientists have discovered it has two new tricks up its sleeve.About a year ago, a group of researchers discovered Palmer is resistant to the herbicide class known as PPO-inhibitors, due to a mutation — known as the glycine 210 deletion — on the PPX2 gene.“We were using a quick test that we originally developed for waterhemp to determine PPO-resistance based on that mutation. A lot of times, the test worked. But people were bringing in samples that they were fairly confident were resistant, and the mutation wasn’t showing up. We started to suspect there was another mechanism out there,” said Patrick Tranel, University of Illinois molecular weed scientist.Tranel and his colleagues decided to sequence the PPX2 gene in plants from Tennessee and Arkansas to see if they could find additional mutations. Sure enough, they found not one, but two, located on the R98 region of the gene.“Almost all of the PPO-resistant plants we tested had either the glycine 210 deletion or one of the two new R98 mutations. None of the mutations were found in the sensitive plants we tested,” Tranel said.Furthermore, some of the resistant plants had both the glycine 210 deletion and one of the new R98 mutations. Tranel says it is too early to say what that could mean for those plants. In fact, there is a lot left to learn about this resistance mechanism.“We don’t know what level of resistance the new mutations confer relative to glycine 210,” Tranel said. “There are a lot of different PPO-inhibiting herbicides. Glycine 210 causes resistance to all of them, but we don’t know yet if the R98 mutations do.”The team is now growing plants to use in follow-up experiments. Tranel hopes they will be able to determine how common the three mutations are in any given population.“That way, when a farmer sends us a resistant plant and it doesn’t come back with the glycine 210 deletion, we will be able to tell him how likely it is that he’s dealing with another one of these mutations,” he said.In the meantime, other research groups or plant testing facilities could use the new genetic assay to detect the mutations in Palmer samples. Tranel hopes they will.“The more labs testing for this, the more we learn about how widespread the mutation is,” he said.last_img read more

Swine Fever Impact on China

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Lin TanDTN China CorrespondentBEIJING (DTN) — China’s Ministry of Agriculture said last week that African swine fever (ASF) was tentatively under control. But the ag industry believes that the situation is much worse than what the government reported, and the impact of ASF on China’s hog industry may last for a long time.In a national video conference, Ministry of Agriculture Vice Secretary Kangzhen Yu declared tentative control of the virus. He also mentioned that the impact of the virus will last a long time and the government will work even harder to control the situation, and in the meantime, will work to support hog production and increase pork supplies.African swine fever broke out in China almost eight months ago. The first case was found in Liaoning Province, in northeast China, when 47 pigs died. Since then, more than 113 cases have been reported in most hog production areas. However, recently, the number of cases has decreased each month, with only two cases in March, compared to 21 cases in December and 25 cases in November last year.A recent survey by a local company in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, showed that hog farms with more than 200 sows in that county were all infected; about half of the sows in the county were culled. The survey also found that the number of sows in Hunan and Hubei Province, one of the most important hog production areas in south China, is 20 to 30% fewer than the same time last year. Breakouts of ASF keep occurring in the south China region, and more hogs and sows will be culled. This is much worse than what the government and media has reported.“Yes, we were affected,” said Sixu Li, manager of a hog farm in Hebei Province. “The local government did not report our case.”Market rumors said that there was a new outbreak in northeast China again last week.PORK PRICE HIGHERPork prices have been creeping higher since February, as trading companies realized that there is less stock of hogs and market supply will become even less.“(The) pork price increased to 14.55 Yuan (USD$2.17) per kilogram last week, compared to 12.11 Yuan (USD$1.80) two or three weeks ago — (price) increased 20% in two weeks,” said Jun Wang from China Agricultural University.“There are several reasons impacting the hog price,” Wang explained. “Of course, less hogs available to the market is the key reason. After many hogs were culled in the country in the past months, hog stocks decreased about 30%. In the meantime, many regions are blocked after African swine (fever) was found. Hogs in that region cannot be shipped to consumption region. As the profit of hog farms increases with pork price change, some farmers want to keep the hogs in stock for a little longer time to increase the weight of each hog, and wait for an even better price in the future.”IMPACT ON SOYBEAN DEMAND“Feed demand decreased 30 to 40% in many areas (from normal),” said Dongping Lu, a purchasing manager for Yangxiang Stock Co. “Some of the feed companies have to shut down.”Some feed companies in Henan Province had about 10,000 metric tons of feed at the end of last year; now, they can only sell 500 tons. Some of them have to shut down because they cannot cover the operation cost, added Lu.“This is probably not the worst time yet,” said Lu. “We are not only facing a low stock of hogs, but also less piglets available to build up stocks, because there are less sows in the market” because they were culled.Soybean meal price is at its lowest point in China because there is less demand. The May soybean meal contract price was 3,019 Yuan per ton (USD$449.78) on the Dalian Commodity Exchange at the end of March in 2018, but the same contract this year dipped to 2,508 Yuan (USD$373.65). “Do not forget, China imports much less soybeans this year, because of the trade relations between the U.S. and China,” said Wang.Though the government report sounds optimistic about ASF control, the real situation is unknown to the public as any non-authorized testing and reporting of swine fever is illegal.Market rumors said that China may import 300,000 mt of U.S. pork later this year. This may help supply the China pork market.(ES/AG)© Copyright 2019 DTN/The Progressive Farmer. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Twitter to Developers: Display Tweets Our Way Or Else

first_imgThe Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Related Posts jon mitchell Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Instead of making apps that repurpose Twitter for anything other than what Twitter deems fit, Twitter wants developers to build new ways to use Twitter Cards, the multimedia boxes that can be displayed inside tweets. A less minimal, media-rich experience is what we should expect from Twitter going forward.center_img After months of anticipation, Twitter finally ripped off the Band-Aid Thursday and laid out the changes to how it shares data with developers. The message is as clear as ever: Twitter doesn’t want any client apps that aren’t made by Twitter itself. For those clients that are already out there, the changes will not destroy their business, but unfortunately, what the new guidelines will destroy is the possibility of Twitter streams being integrated into the rest of the Web.According to Twitter, in any client, “Tweets that are grouped together into a timeline should not be rendered with non-Twitter content. e.g. comments, updates from other networks.” Twitter’s Display Guidelines are now called Requirements. Apps that don’t meet the requirements can be cut off from the service.So everyone’s dream of using one app to pull in all the messages from the various social media silos we use is over. My dream of pulling App.net posts into the same place as Twitter, so I can participate in both networks, dashed. Twitter is just for Twitter, and every post in it has to look like this: Flipboard’s Twitter functionality is toast. That explains at least part of why CEO Mike McCue left Twitter’s board this month.The Future for Existing Twitter ClientsFor people who love an existing Twitter app, though, things will stay more or less the same.Currently third-party apps can have up to 100,000 users. Beyond that, they need special permission from Twitter (and traditional clients won’t get it). Clients that already have more than 100,000 users are allowed to grow up to 200% of their existing user base, and then they hit a hard limit – that’s the total number of unique users the app will ever be able to have.We can expect prices for existing Twitter apps to rise. And who can blame developers? Twitter has just put a limit on how many apps they can sell. They won’t be cut off, though, so Tweetbot users can take a little solace in that.For now, as long as tweets meet the Display Requirements, are the right shape and have all the right buttons in the right places, Twitter clients will be allowed to continue displaying them. But it’s not hard to imagine the next change down the line, which is for Twitter to hand clients its own, fully rendered tweets that can’t be customized.There are also some changes to the ways apps can call the service. They might put the squeeze on power users, but they’ll still work mostly fine.The Axis of TwitterIn the blog post announcing the changes, Twitter’s director of consumer product, Michael Sippey, illustrated the kinds of client applications Twitter wants and doesn’t want using a two-axis chart. There is one quadrant, the upper-right, where Twitter doesn’t want developers to build, as they’ve said for over a year. Those are the consumer apps for engagement with Twitter, including traditional Twitter clients and apps that syndicate content. Tags:#twitter#web A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Lost In Translation

first_imgApple’s Siri can let the zingers fly, but it hasn’t cornered the market on mobile device laughs—at least not where unintentional humor is concerned. Cue the Samsung Galaxy S4’s new S Translator app. adriana lee Strange that Samsung would think there’d be such high demand for these phrases that they’d deserve a spot on the preset list. They certainly didn’t come from Nuance—its technology powers the speech recognition features, not the translation content or the preset phrases.I also spotted an entry for “How much do you weigh?” Trust me—that’s one translation that no one should be using very frequently. [Updated to refer to Nuance’s speech recognition features. More on this in “Update” at the bottom of the post.] Let’s chalk some of this up to inexpertly finessed cultural differences between the South Korean company and its Western user base, which might explain some of the odd emphasis placed on face shape and skin tone. It’s still oddly tone-deaf for an international company that’s enjoyed the global success Samsung has to date.(See also: To Samsung, The S4 Is A ‘Precious Stone Glittering In The Dark’) What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Here’s what may be one of the oddest preset phrases of all. It has the whole ReadWrite editorial crew scratching our collective head: “I lose myself when I see meat.”For the record, the problem here seems to be the translation into English from, presumably, the original Korean. Google translates the Spanish phrase here as “I love meat,” which seems a bit more natural than what S Translator offers us.There are plenty of other phrases that would seem much more at home on a S4 in the Asian market than on the American version:Can you pass the soy sauce.That is Korean sake or makgeolli.My father is strict but he is a nice guy.I was born in the year of the rat.New chopsticks please.It’s always fun to find some hidden bits of buried tech fancy, but these don’t seem like cool Easter eggs as much as random—and kind of awkward—acts of accidental comedy. I put in a request to Samsung to explain how the preset phrases for the app were chosen, but had no response at the time of publication. I’ll update if and when I hear back. Have you stumbled across any other fascinating preset phrases in S Translator? If so, share them with us in the comments. Feature image courtesy of Samsung, screen capped from the Galaxy S4 presentationUpdated on July 19:The article now includes references that Nuance provides the speech recognition features for the native translation app. However, ReadWrite confirms that the company does not cover the content for the preset phrases. According to a company representative, “Nuance supplies the speech recognition only for S Translator, not any translation services.” The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Related Posts Tags:#mobile#Samsung Galaxy Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement S Translator does cloud-based voice and text translations; Samsung even markets it as a way to cross the language barrier in real time. (Good luck with that in practice.) To speed things up for the harried traveler, the app also includes a fairly extensive library of stock phrases it can translate immediately into any one of nine languages. (See also: Samsung’s Galaxy S4: The Phone So Complex It Has An ‘Easy’ Mode)Most of these are boring but useful mainstays, such as “Here is my passport,” or “Can I have a glass of water?” Dig a little deeper, though, and things start to get sort of strange.Consider the following, which appear under the “Socializing/Appearances” category:She is chubby, but cute.I gained some weight after I quit smoking.I have a big face. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaceslast_img read more

UAAP football: Zubiri’s late strike propels La Salle into Final Four

first_imgHontiveros presses for security audit of national power grid DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss “I feel amazing right now,” said Zubiri in a television interview.Meanwhile, defending champion University of the Philippines barged into the final four after blanking also-ran University of the East, 3-0, in the morning’s match.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsThe Fighting Maroons finished second in the table with 26 points and set up a showdown with no. 3 Archers in the knockout semifinals next week at Rizal Memorial Stadium.The loss dropped the Tamaraws to fourth spot at 24 points.  FEU will take on elimination round topnotcher Ateneo in the other Final Four pairing. Eyes on the prize: Final Four return just first step to ultimate goal for Tigresses Duterte wants probe of SEA Games mess MANILA, Philipines–Rookie Xavi Zubiri’s late goal carried De La Salle to a thrilling 1-0 win over Far Eastern University that clinched the last Final Four spot in the UAAP Season 81 men’s football tournament Thursrday.Coming off the bench, Zubiri scored his first-ever UAAP goal—and De La Salle’s biggest of the season—from close range in stoppage time, giving the Green Archers 25 points and eliminating University of Santo Tomas from the Final Four race.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Philippine Arena Interchange inaugurated View comments MOST READ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Panelo: Duterte ‘angry’ with SEA Games hosting hassles Private companies step in to help SEA Games hostinglast_img read more

Rep Roberts encourages free fishing on Feb 13 and 14

first_img State Rep. Brett Roberts encourages anglers to get out to the nearest lake to participate in Free Fishing Weekend, which will take place on Feb. 13 and 14.Free Fishing Weekend is an event hosted twice each year by Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources – once in February, and again in June. On Feb. 13 and 14, fishermen and women are not required to carry a license while fishing. As most Michigan lakes are frozen solid in February, the winter weekend event is traditionally used for ice fishing.“This event is always a great opportunity to show your family’s newest fishermen and women how much fun it is to get out and enjoy ‘Pure Michigan’,” said Rep. Roberts, R-Eaton Township.Because Michigan temperatures were generally mild until mid-January, Rep. Roberts encourages anglers to take extra safety precautions when venturing out onto the ice to drop a line.A full listing of current and upcoming Free Fishing Weekend activities can be found online at www.michigan.gov/freefishing.### 01Feb Rep. Roberts encourages free fishing on Feb. 13 and 14 Categories: News,Roberts Newslast_img read more