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PBC School District Sending Tech Survey to Parents Ahead of Potential Coronavirus Impact

first_imgThe Palm Beach County School District is trying to gauge how prepared families are in case schools need to close in order to protect students and staff from the coronavirus.A district spokesperson said Thursday a short technology survey is being sent to all principals to share with parents in the coming days.The survey will ask parents about their family’s access to WiFi at home, in the event learning needs to happen remotely or through digital instruction.District Coronavirus Update for 3/11/20 Read the letter to parents and staff: https://t.co/DSKbN3RXp7 pic.twitter.com/KGrc6LLhEr— PBCSD (@pbcsd) March 11, 2020 “Every child is entitled to equal access to high quality education,” says Claudia Shea, Director of Communications and Engagement for the district.Shea adds that the district sends out surveys on a regular basis, although this is the first one to have a technology focus.The district may also use its television channels to get information out to students if remote learning becomes necessary, she explains.It is unknown when the survey will be distributed.last_img read more

Planetary Youth Continues After Cassini

first_img(Visited 384 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 The data gathering phase is over, but the data mining phase will continue for years. This entry also shares some news about other solar system objects showing youthfulness.Cassini lived long past its expiration date, gathering unprecedented data at Saturn for 13 years, and some Jupiter science en route. Spacecraft die, but data can live indefinitely. We can expect more surprises from the Saturn system as researchers mine the 635 gb of science data. Already, some 4,000 papers have been published. Here are some recent tidbits:Iapetus from Cassini (JPL PIA06166, 12/31/04)Formation of the bulge of Iapetus through long-wavelength folding of the lithosphere (Icarus). The closeups of an equatorial mountain range 12 miles high circling Iapetus continue to baffle physicists. Was it a collapsed ring? Did the moon rotate real fast long ago? Kay and Dombard have a new theory in this paper: a tectonic process rather than a rotational process. “A lithosphere with latitudinally variable thickness folds during an epoch of global contraction,” they propose. Their model requires a 30-degree temperature difference between the poles and the equator driven by decay of short-lived radioisotopes. Any unique structure, though, prompts philosophical questions about why it happened here and nowhere else.Close-up of equatorial ridge from Cassini (JPL, PIA08372, 9/10/07)Testing models for the formation of the equatorial ridge on Iapetus via crater counting (Icarus). In this paper, Dombard and two other colleagues try to establish a date for the formation of the equatorial ridge on Iapetus. After measuring 7,748 craters, they decided the ridge is young! This will ‘impact’ theories of formation of the mountain range. Guess which theory seems favored now? Spike Psarris would chuckle: another lucky impact brought in to rescue billions of years.Comparison of the crater size-frequency distributions show that the crater distribution on the ridge appears to be depleted in craters larger than 16 km with an abruptly enhanced crater population less than 16 km in diameter up to saturation. One possible interpretation is that the ridge is a relatively younger surface with an enhanced small impactor population. Finally, the compiled results are used to examine each ridge formation hypothesis. Based on these results, a model of ridge formation via a tidally disrupted sub-satellite appears most consistent with our interpretation of a younger ridge with an enhanced small impactor population.Electrical and chemical coupling between Saturn and its rings (Swedish Institute of Space Physics). Electric rings? That’s cool. Using data from the Langmuir probe (part of the Radio and Plasma Wave Spectrometer instrument), Swedish scientists called the first results “surprising.” They have found that “there is a strong coupling, both chemically and electrically, between the atmosphere of Saturn and its rings.” Jan-Erik Wahlund said, “It is as though the small ice particles in the D-ring suck up electrons from the ionosphere.” Could that interaction continue for billions of years?Enceladus’s crust as a non-uniform thin shell: I. tidal deformations (Icarus). Mikael Beyeuthe is starting a series of papers trying to explain the geyser activity on Enceladus. “The geologic activity at Enceladus’s south pole remains unexplained, though tidal deformations are probably the ultimate cause,” he begins. What other force is there? He constructs a model of thin crustal shells to try to keep the geysers going. “The combination of crustal thinning and convection below the poles can amplify south polar stresses by a factor of 10, but it cannot explain the apparent time lag between the maximum plume brightness and the opening of tiger stripes.” Next he plans to explore the effect of non-uniform crust on tidal dissipation. He will probably find some way to keep the heat on, because as every planetary scientists knows in advance, this moon has to be 4.5 billion years old.Other Planetary NewsBright Areas on Ceres Suggest Geologic Activity (JPL News). For those who expected this old asteroid to be cold and dead, “Ceres is surprisingly active.” In fact, Carol Raymond, deputy principal investigator of the Dawn mission, thinks it could still be active. “Geological processes created these bright areas and may still be changing the face of Ceres today,” she says. When cryovolcanoes can’t suffice, impacts can come in to rescue theories.Global radar map of Venus (JPL)Lava-filled blocks on Venus may indicate geological activity (Phys.org). The presence of grooves and grabens on Venus is causing a re-think about geological activity on Venus:For planetary scientists, Venus’s geologic heartbeat flat-lined around 700 million years ago.Now, a global view of some well-known deformation features on Venus’s surface may indicate it’s capable of crustal motion, and that motion might even be happening today, scientists reported Monday at the 2017 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in New Orleans.Formation, stratification, and mixing of the cores of Earth and Venus (Icarus). This is the paper that makes habitable planets far more rare, as we reported 12/13/17. Venus differs profoundly from Earth, not having a magnetic field, because it was not hit by a large impact that supposedly hit Earth to form the moon. The five scientists “hypothesize that the accretion of Venus is characterized by the absence of such energetic giant impacts and the preservation of its primordial stratifications.” How does that idea fit the other anomaly at Venus of global volcanism that has apparently erased 90% of its earlier history?Explosive volcanism on Mercury: Analysis of vent and deposit morphology and modes of eruption (Icarus). Another volcanic anomaly is Mercury. This planet should long ago have solidified, but it has large volcanic provinces. This trio of scientists, including veteran planetologist James Head, finds another case of surprising youth. “We find evidence for formation into relatively recent mercurian history,” they say.Evidence for youth among the planets and moons in our solar system is everywhere. For planetary scientists who cannot give up their belief in old things, we’ll help them with a new word. For something that looks young but must be old to keep secular materialism alive, call it yold.last_img read more

Instructure Aims to Knock Down the Learning Management System Walled Garden

first_imgTags:#E-Learning#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… audrey watters The Promise of OpenMoving a school to a new learning management system is no easy task – in terms of technology or in terms of contracts and licensing. But that hasn’t stopped Instructure from piquing the interest of a lot of schools since the startup launched in February – something that really is a testament to the problems with the other options on the market.Canvas is offered free as an open source tool or as a paid version with enterprise support. Even though that open source option might be what’s touted in some of Instructure’s marketing materials, most schools are unlikely to go that path and will probably opt to buy the commercial version. Some 4000 schools have already expressed an interest in Canvas, and the round of funding will help scale the startup’s operations. Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… When I first heard of the new learning management system Instructure, I confess, I was unimpressed. Even though I try to be supremely supportive of education technology startups – particularly those taking on giants in the industry – I just couldn’t get excited about yet another LMS.To be sure, there are a lot of problems with many of the current options on the market. Blackboard, the dominant player in the higher ed LMS sector, is not well-loved by any of the students or professors I know. It’s a monster to implement, to upgrade, to use – and an expensive one at that.Instructure promises an LMS that addresses those key pain points, and its software, Canvas, is open source as well. But then again, all the LMS competitors promise ease-of-use and simple migration, and there are a number of open source offerings on the market already, including Moodle and Sakai. So my first reaction to Instructure, despite a lot of buzz in the tech world, was that it was really no big deal.But I’m willing to admit that my first reaction was wrong.Instructure’s InvestmentThe company announces today that it’s raised $8 million in Series B funding from OpenView Venture Partners, Epic Ventures, Tomorrow Ventures, and Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurveston. But investors’ interest in the product isn’t what has made me change my mind.It was the simple sentence the Instructure team uttered when they gave me a tour of the product: “We want to get rid of the walled garden.”That walled garden approach to learning management systems means that whatever content students and instructors upload – whether it’s handouts, homework assignments, discussions, tests, syllabi – is all trapped within a particular course. If you aren’t registered for a class, you can’t view it. When a course is over, you can’t view it. When you graduate, you can’t view it. As having a strong online portfolio is rapidly becoming far more important than a resume, that’s no good for students. It’s no good for education either, which despite the rising cost of tuition, should be about sharing, not restricting knowledge.Instructure’s FeaturesThe Canvas LMS is a browser-based, cloud-based tool. It’s offered as software-as-a-service rather than as a piece of software that schools download and manage. Its interface is clean and simple, with a look and feel of a contemporary Web app. In other words, we’re talking social streams here. There are no radio buttons. It doesn’t look like Windows 3.1, or worse yet, a BBS. Canvas has all the features you’d expect in an LMS: a gradebook, assessment tools, chat, discussion rooms. It also has some other nifty features too, including its SpeedGrader, an iPad app that will reduce the amount of time instructors spend grading assignments. Everything is connected to other Web services, including Google Docs, Facebook and Twitter, and students are notified when something changes in a course – whether that’s the deadline for an assignment or a grade that’s posted. Those notifications come via email, Facebook message, or text. Finally, students and teachers both have data portability – schoolwork isn’t trapped in that LMS walled garden.last_img read more

Smriti Irani aide shot dead in Amethi

first_imgA former pradhan considered close to newly elected Amethi MP Smriti Irani was shot dead by unidentified assailants, the police said on Sunday.Surendra Singh, the former pradhan of Bisauli village, had actively campaigned for Ms. Irani.His family members have alleged the murder could be motivated by political rivalry in the context of the 2019 Lok Sabha election and said he had no other personal animosity.Mr. Singh was shot dead while he was sleeping in the courtyard of his residence on Saturday night, police said. His son Abhay Pratap Singh said he was shot in the head. The victim was rushed to Jais but since there was no doctor to attend him he was then taken to Rae Bareli from where he was referred to the trauma centre in Lucknow where he was declared dead.Abhay Pratap said his father was active and “fearless” in the election campaign and suspects that “some Congress supporters, unruly elements” did not like him celebrating the victory of the BJP. “They had a grudge. We do suspect some people,” said Abhay Pratap.The village was one of the Adarsh Sansad Grams and after the victory the pradhan had taken out a vijay yatra. Uttar Pradesh DGP O.P. Singh said so far seven persons have been detained for questioning and some important clues have been found through electronic surveillance.“We are looking at all angles. We have come to know of some old animosity, if there is something political, we are trying to find out that,” said Mr. Singh.The top cop said three teams had been deployed and expressed confidence the case would be solved in 12 hours, a deadline issued by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.IG Lucknow was dispatched to the ground for monitoring. The State has deployed three companies of PAC to maintain law and order in the village. Ms. Irani flew down to Lucknow after which she drove down to Amethi to meet the family of the victim.She attended the funeral procession and even lent a shoulder. Keshav Prasad Maurya, UP deputy CM, said the victim was a ‘good worker’ of the BJP and assured the police would take fast and strict action against the culprits. Pramod Tiwari, former Congress MP, asked the BJP to introspect when it could not save its own worker, how would it protect the common people, despite having governments at the State and the Centre.last_img read more

a month agoSouthampton boss Hasenhuttl talks Adams, Ings form

first_imgSouthampton boss Hasenhuttl talks Adams, Ings formby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveSouthampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl says Che Adams retains his confidence.Adams appears to be suffering a slight loss of belief as his wait to open his Saints account continues. Hasenhuttl said, “He also tried to help the team and was working hard but still he is not getting the goal so far but I think it will come.” On Danny Ings after his brace in the Carabao Cup win against Portsmouth.“It’s important for every striker if you score,” said Hasenhuttl of Ings.“He is fit now and he showed he can help us massively and I am very happy for him.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

US adds Canada to priority watch list on intellectual property

first_imgThe United States on Friday added Canada to a priority watch list of countries that it says have failed to enforce intellectual property rights, citing concerns over poor border control and pharmaceutical practices.The Office of the United States Trade Representative moved Canada from its watch list to its priority watch list, which includes 11 other countries including China, India and Russia.In a news release, the office criticized Canada for “failing to make progress on overcoming important IP enforcement challenges” such as border enforcement, particularly when it comes to inspecting or detaining counterfeit or pirated goods shipped through Canada.It also cited procedures related to pharmaceuticals, copyright protection, and inadequate transparency regarding the protection of indications of origin.The office’s priority watch list includes countries that the U.S. deems to have failed to protect or enforce intellectual property rights or otherwise denied market access to American creators.The news release said the countries on the list would be the subject of what it called “intense bilateral engagement” during the coming year.“This report sends a clear signal to our trading partners that the protection of Americans’ intellectual property rights is a top priority of the Trump Administration,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement.The report comes as Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has been engaged in heated talks over the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.A Canadian close to those talks has said intellectual property is one of several issues that remain unresolved, along with dispute settlement and the U.S. push for a sunset clause.The Canadian government unveiled its long-awaited intellectual property strategy on Thursday, after committing $85 million over five years towards the initiative in its most recent budget.In launching the measures, Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains called intellectual property the most valuable business asset in the knowledge economy.The government’s plan includes amending laws to eliminate barriers surrounding intellectual property, as well as better tools to expand its use.Ottawa also hopes to address what it calls “bad behaviour” in the country’s existing IP regime with help from legislative amendments to curb intimidation and inappropriate “trolling” of some businesses by patent holders.Bains did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Canada’s placement on the priority watch list.last_img read more

A Community of Ones Own

first_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. February 16, 2010 Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals While the herd mentality drives many entrepreneurs to stake their claims in the Facebook community, it is important to consider whether it makes sense to build your own customer community–independent of Facebook and integrated with your company’s website and customer relationship management system.Online community software and servicesBuilding your own customer community is not cost prohibitive, and plenty of tools and services are available to help companies large and small get started. Check out the following platforms:. Lithium. Ning. Jive SBS. BuddyPress. Liveworld. Leverage Software. KickApps. Pluck. BlueKiwiYes, Facebook represents a huge potential market and offers several free community-building features, including Groups, Fan Pages, Targeted Advertising and Facebook Connect. But relying solely on Facebook or other third-party social networking platforms for community building and word-of-mouth could be a mistake. After all, you don’t own Facebook. What’s free today may not be free tomorrow. And everything you build on Facebook stays on Facebook, drawing traffic there instead of to your website.Launching your own online community initiative offers several potential advantages that may help you attain your customer-engagement goals more efficiently while providing you with more control over the community you build, as well as a better way of establishing and tracking ROI:Branding autonomy. It’s your community, so you have complete freedom to brand however you like.Improved ability to identify top influencers. You have more freedom to implement analytics to identify top influencers and target them in the future.CRM optimization. By tying community user accounts to your CRM system, you gain access to valuable customer data that helps with customer service, support and retention.Scalability. You set the engineering road map for your business’s online community, choosing which features to include.Reduced support costs. Customers love helping one another solve problems. This reduces customer service costs and creates a ton of evergreen content for customers to reference in the future.Customer-driven innovation. The open forum of an online community often sparks debate that can lead to innovative new products and services along with improvements throughout the company, particularly in sales and customer service.I don’t recommend ignoring Facebook entirely. Having access to a 350-million-plus (and growing) market is nothing to disregard. However, just as I recommend maintaining a separate business blog of your own, building an independent community on your website may be vital in establishing the community you desire.Mikal E. Belicove is a market positioning, social media and management consultant specializing in website usability and business blogging. When he is not working or ghosting blog entries for clients, Belicove can be found musing about the world on Belicove.com and can be reached at [email protected] 3 min read This story appears in the March 2010 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Register Now »last_img read more