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Behold The Glorious Master Song List From Last Year’s Dead & Company Tour

first_imgWith Dead & Company’s summer tour just weeks away, new guitarist John Mayer recently shared a fun image from the band’s previous fall run. The post features a white board that served as something of a master list, naming a total of 69 songs for the band to choose from in any given setlist. Mayer captioned the photo, saying “The white board we used for Dead & Company rehearsals last year. Still works as a master list. (We’ll be adding to it as well…)”When we took a closer look at the totals from Dead & Company’s tour, we counted a total of 95 songs, including 72 Grateful Dead originals and an additional 23 covers from the Dead’s repertoire. Mayer also recently named four songs that the band is planning on debuting this summer, which you can read here (Spoiler Alert!).Even bassist Oteil Burbridge commented on Mayer’s post, saying, “Homework for John Mayer and I from Dead & Company rehearsal last fall at TRI Studios. I’ve never learned so many songs in such a short time period…. and the list is growing!” Enjoy the list below.last_img read more

Watch Willie Nelson and Jimmy Kimmel Drink Whiskey, Talk About Girls, Animal Fights, & More

first_imgBy far the coolest 83-year old any of us know, country star and American hero Willie Nelson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to participate in a skit titled “3 Ridiculous Questions” with the show host. Though, Kimmel managed to slip in an additional question or two.The two imbibed on some Crown Royal while Nelson responded to questions, such as “What would you really say to all of the girls you’ve loved before?” and “If you were going to die fighting an animal, what animal would you want it to be?”The octogenarian proves himself to be as sharp as ever in the skit, which was taped in conjunction with the upcoming 50th Annual CMA Awards. Watch the full skit below:last_img

Chance The Rapper & Jeremih Release Collaborative Christmas Mixtape [Listen]

first_imgChance the Rapper is a true original, who does what he wants when he wants, in the fields of his own artistic expression. This holiday season, we’ve seen more of him than ever before: from his performance at the White House and tree lighting ceremony with President Obama, to his appearance last weekend on Saturday Night Live, and his most recent Christmas playlist, which he shared last week during an interview with BBC Radio 1. The artist does whatever he can to spread holiday cheer, and we’re really digging it.This morning, he shared a collaborative Christmas mixtape with fellow Chicago singer Jeremih called Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama. The mixtape is all original and features the choir-like harmonies and soul-filled instrumentation that we all know and love behind the hip-hop stud. The recordings also include fellow Windy City musicians, including Noname, Hannibal Buress, and Lud Foe, and is dedicated “For Chicago”.Get in the holiday spirit and listen to Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama below:last_img read more

Bonnaroo Announces 2017 Festival Lineup

first_imgThe annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is no stranger to major lineup announcements, as the festival has become one of the premier multi-day music festivals in the world. As was previously announced, Bonnaroo will take place June 8th – 11th in Manchester, TN, and today the festival has revealed their full 2017 lineup.Headlining the event will be U2, as previously announced, alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, and Chance The Rapper. U2’s performance comes in the midst of their 30th anniversary “The Joshua Tree” tour, and their set will include a full playing on the classic 1987 album.The full lineup continues with Major Lazer, Flume, Lorde, The xx, Travis Scott, Cage The Elephant, Marshmello, The Head and The Heart, Big Gigantic, Glass Animals, Future Islands, Tory Lanez and more. Entries like Umphrey’s McGee, Greensky Bluegrass, Turkuaz, Khruangbin, Twiddle and a few others are throwbacks to the festival’s roots in the jam scene, though this year’s lineup is distinctly focused on larger pop, rock, hip hop and EDM performers.Live For Live Music Presents The 2016 Bonnaroo Music Festival AwardsAdditional perfomers include Tove Lo, Crystal Castles, Portugal. The Man, Tegan & Sara, Milky Chance, Cold War Kids, Yellow Claw, Kaleo and more. There are also two super jams on the lineup, including the mysterious main Superjam and a Bluegrass Situation Superjam hosted by Ed Helms and Friends.For tickets, as well as camping and additional festival information, you can click here to get to the festival’s website. You can see the full lineup below.last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: Sister Sparrow Sax Player, Brian Graham, Talks New Side Project, Influences, And More

first_imgSister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds have been on a bit of a hiatus due to Arleigh Kincheloe’s pregnancy and the recent birth of her son. Live For Live Music wishes a happy and healthy congratulations to Arleigh and the entire band for welcoming the newest Dirty Bird! L4LM caught up with sax player Brian Graham to learn more about his current side project, Diesel Lady, as well as to learn more about what he’s been up to over these past few months. Sister Sparrow is well-known for touring and having as many fans as possible catch their shows, so the down time has been able to offer all members an opportunity to compose fresh tracks, pen new lyrics, and let their creative juices flow.L4LM: Let’s start from the beginning. How did you get into the industry, and what were some of your influences when you were younger? What brought you to this point?Brian Graham: I started music when I was a kid. I had very supportive parents that said, “If you want to try something, go for it.” We had a piano in the house and they encouraged me to take piano lessons, so I did. That was in fourth grade. Then I took up saxophone—like every other kid that joins band—and never put it down. Throughout high school, I always played and was always good at it. Then in my junior year, it kind of clicked for me. I had a moment at a concert when I stood up and did a solo and it just felt right. The audience enjoyed it and it was one of the best feelings I could ever describe. That’s when I decided I should try to go to school for music.I ended up going to The University of Southern Maine for Jazz Performance. During my freshman year of college, I got sick with testicular cancer. That was a tremendously huge life changing event for me. It was a short battle, thank god, but I had to take a semester off from school to have a couple of surgeries. When I got sick, it changed my perspective a lot. You don’t really know what could happen tomorrow, and there’s no reason to not do what you want to do, today. When I went back to school in the fall, it made me work harder. Then I ended up joining a band called Sly-Chi, which was an eight-piece funk band in Portland, Maine. That’s when I really got my ass kicked in music. That’s when I learned how to really play. Everybody in the band was really good. They pushed me to get better. I played with them for a long time. After that, I started in the Fogcutters, which was a twenty-piece big band in Portland, Maine. Then, I ended up running that and co-leading with my buddy John Maclaine.We created a show called Big Band Syndrome, which is probably one of the things I’m most proud of in my life. We came up with this concept where we took local artists and took two of their songs each. The first year, we did eight artists from Maine. We arranged their songs for a twenty-piece big band. We did this for five years. We had huge support from Lauren Wayne of the State Theater. She was the one that encouraged us to do it. Overall, we did about forty local artists and eighty songs or so. If there weren’t horn lines, we made horn lines. If there were string arrangements, we turned them into big band arrangements. The very last year that we did it was a beautiful collision of my worlds because Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds was the main act at the end of the show. So that was basically my Portland, Maine career.I was branching out and trying to play with as many different people as possible—to get my name out there and see what could happen. Then, I was in a wedding band on Long Island. There were four or five rehearsals and there was one gig on the books that I went and played. They had promised us a certain amount of money and they didn’t actually pay us that amount of money. I thought, “This sucks and isn’t what I signed up for.” The thing that happened, though, was the trombone player in that wedding band was the trombone player in the Dirty Birds. That was spring of 2012.I actually saw the Dirty Birds the first time they came to Portland. They opened up for Trombone Shorty. I ended up hanging out with Ryan [Snow], the trombone player. Then they left and I saw them one other time that year. That was all I knew of Ryan, and that’s all I knew of the Dirty Birds.Fast forward to January of 2013, and I get a phone call from Ryan. He was curious if I was interested in playing some gigs with the Dirty Birds. They were based in Brooklyn and I didn’t quite understand why he was calling me. Apparently, their sax players left the band and they thought of me because of the wedding band. I looked at their schedule and figured I could make it work. I had never gone on tour. That was four years ago.L4LM: Now that you’ve been in Sister Sparrow for a while, what can you tell about what is in store? Brian Graham: Arleigh just had her baby boy. They are both healthy. We haven’t been able to see each other too much this year. We are all separate and don’t live in the same town. All of us have been chillin’ at the moment. She’s been writing, and the plan is to go back into the studio at some point. Obviously, it’s not going to be right away. The next thing we have booked at the moment is a sold-out cruise in February. We will be on Joe Bonamassa’s blues cruise, Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea. Right now, we are just letting her get settled in and taking things a day at a time.L4LM: Due to the time off, there are a quite a few side projects happening.  We learned of Josh Myer’s project BIG WORDS in his recent interview. Talk about your project, Diesel Lady. How did that evolve and will fans be able to catch the band anywhere soon?Brian Graham: Diesel Lady basically is the Dirty Birds. The only difference is that we have a guy named Max Cantlin on guitar who’s probably one of my favorite guitar players in the world. He’s that guy that plays all the right notes, and you wonder if there are any wrong notes on his guitar. He just does it and you think, “Yeah, that’s exactly what should happen.” I went to college with him, and he was in my very first band ever. We’ve played in so many projects together, and he’s probably the most in-demand guitar player here in Maine. So that’s the major difference between the Dirty Birds and Diesel Lady.Why we’ve done this is because we were all just sad we wouldn’t see each other that much anymore. When you live in a van with someone for 200 days a year, you get pretty close. So all of a sudden, going from living 200-plus days a year with everyone to not seeing each other ever, we decided to put this together. I had a bunch of instrumental tunes, as well as vocal tunes, that were my originals, so we learned all those. Josh had a bunch of originals so we arranged and learned all those. Then we put together a list of songs that we just enjoyed cover-wise and learned to manipulate them to make them our own, in a sense.The other challenge is that we’ve been a backing band for Arleigh for Sister Sparrow. We don’t have our lead vocalist, so what do we do? In a way, it challenged me, Josh, and Max to step up and try and sing some lead—which was really fun actually. I had no idea that I would actually like it. I’m not the greatest vocalist in the world, but I can sing the notes and I can have some fun when I’m doing it. I think that comes across in the show. We’ve also been pushing ourselves musically that make us feel a little bit uncomfortable.Diesel Lady is just the six of us putting together original songs that we think are funky and fun. It’s a show that the Dirty Birds put on but without Arleigh, which is a huge challenge because she’s such a magnetic force to be reckoned with. We’ve only done three shows so far, and now we’re gearing up for our fourth and fifth shows. Hopefully, we will have some more in the fall. We are just getting our feet under us now.Musically, it’s six guys that have been playing music together for a very long time. It came together fast. When we started to rehearse, we learned ten songs in one day. We had one day to learn all the music, and we did. There was also preparation leading up to it. We sent around recordings and talked about it via the internet.The other fun thing we started doing, because we’re all in remote spots and not together, is that we started recording on our own. Dan [Boyden] would lay down drum tracks and would then send it around. Josh would put the bass on it and then each one of us would add our part into it. We are starting to get a few tunes together. We have one that’s done along with a video to go with it. It’s Brady-Bunch style. We did it with our own respective instruments. It’s pretty fun.L4LM: For a final thought, if there was one musician you could jump on stage and play with, who would it be?Brian Graham: I have a couple of answers to that question. I think it would be an absolute dream to get on stage with Tower of Power. I would love to play with Stephen ‘Doc’ Kupka and Emilio Castillo in that horn section. It would blow my mind. I would love to take Lenny Pickett, throw him back in with the band, and play with them. I think that would be unreal. Tower of Power is one of my biggest influences when it comes to just horn sections and horn bands. They’ve been around for 49 years. Next year marks their 50th anniversary as a band. It blows my mind to think that a band has been around for almost 50 years and tours 200 days a year. I literally cannot think of another band that does that, or has done that, for that long. Every time I see them, it’s like going to a clinic for funk and horn bands. I thought that I was getting there, then I see them, and nope, still not there.The other band I think would be just fun is Bruno Mars. I’ve been digging him a lot lately. He just puts on a ridiculous show, and it looks like the music is so fun to play. I’d be ok with that.For more information about Diesel Lady, along upcoming tour dates, please visit their Facebook page.Check out their break new Brady Bunch style video below for “In Ya Face” below!Words by Sarah BourqueCover photo credit: Matt Roelast_img read more

New Phish Recordings From The Legendary Colorado ’88 Run Have Surfaced & Are Available For Free Download

first_imgIn the summer of 1988, Phish made its first trip to Colorado, proving to be a landmark moment in the band’s history and marking the group’s first extensive run outside the confines of the Northeast. Over the course of ten days, the Vermont four-piece performed seven intimate shows in Telluride and Aspen, with the bulk of the run consisting of five nights at The Roma in Telluride, Colorado (in addition to one-off performances at Telluride’s Fly Me To The Moon Saloon and Aspen Mining Company). Close to thirty years later, the group’s ’88 Colorado run is still the stuff of legends; however, outside of the runs’ highlights compiled and released on Colorado ’88 in 2006, much of the audio of the run has remained uncirculated—until now.Recently, shared audio from Phish’s performances on July 29th and 30th and August 4th and 5th at The Roma, which were offered up by Niel Ringstad, taped by Mike Lynch, and transferred from analog by Jeff Goldberg. In addition to technical notes and comments from Goldberg, the Phish site explains:Among hours of other Colorado ‘88 music, the so-called “Jazz Odyssey” set—when Fish was uhm unavailable, and Mike and Page accompanied Trey on drums for a few jazz standards—is now about to circulate for the first time. (There is must-hear banter from Trey in the “Antelope” about Fish’s unavailability earlier on in the evening.) And if you’re wondering where the tapes of 8/3/88 are, well. They have yet to be located, but might turn up in another 30 years, who knows.You can snag the audio of these four newly released recordings on or here: July 29, 1988; July 30, 1988; August 4th, 1988; August 5th, 1988. Plus, check out the setlists from these shows via below.Setlist: Phish | The Roma | Telluride, CO | 7/29/1988Set One: You Enjoy Myself, Satin Doll, Walk Away, Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley, The Curtain With, FireSet Two: Suzy Greenberg, Skin It Back, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Dinner and a Movie, The Sloth, Icculus, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird, I Didn’t Know[1], Good Times Bad TimesSet Three: Rocky Top, Light Up Or Leave Me Alone, Contact, Whipping Post, The Ballad of Curtis Loew, Take the ‘A’ Train, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters[1], Bold As Love[2][1] Fish on trombone.[2] “Anger” changed to “Angus.”Mike teased My Favorite Things in The Curtain With. Sloth contained a Take Five tease from Mike. There was a brief Gamehendge narration from Trey after Sloth that contained a “Charge!” tease from Page. I Didn’t Know and McGrupp featured Fish on trombone. Good Times Bad Times contained DEG teases and ‘A’ Train contained a Flintstones theme tease from Trey. Trey dedicated Bold As Love to one of his favorite guitar players of all time, Angus Young (guitarist for AC/DC). You Shook Me All Night Long was subsequently teased and in Bold As Love, “Anger” was changed to “Angus.”Setlist: Phish | The Roma | Telluride, CO | 7/30/1988Set One: All Blues[1], Mr. P.C.[2]Set Two: Funky Bitch[1], Suzy Greenberg[1], She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Ride[1], Contact[1], Maiden Voyage[2], Corinna[1]Set Three: La Grange, On Your Way Down, Slave to the Traffic Light, Timber Ho! , Walk Away > Possum, Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley, HarpuaSet Four: Fluffhead, Anarchy, Dear Mrs. Reagan, Terrapin[3], Run Like an AntelopeEncore: Fire[1] Fish absent, Trey on drums.[2] First known Phish performance; Fish absent, Trey on drums.[3] Fish trombone solo.This show featured the first known Phish performances of Mr. P.C. and Maiden Voyage. Fish missed the first two sets of the gig, prompting the band to play two sets of jazz and standard Phish material in his absence with Trey on drums. These opening sets are sometimes referred to as “Jazz Odyssey,” as the lone known taper labeled his master tapes as such. All Blues was played for the first time since April 15, 1986 (110 shows). During Antelope, Trey told the story of what happened to Fish that evening and explained that Fish, who had been at the top of a mountain and, therefore, late for the gig, had to “Run like an Antelope, out of control.” Elsewhere in the set, Trey chided Fish for his tardiness. The narration in Harpua was straightforward, with no teases. Anarchy was jokingly named Whipping Post. Terrapin featured a Fish trombone solo. Many recordings of this show in circulation have the venue mislabeled as Fly Me to the Moon Saloon.Setlist: Phish | The Roma | Telluride, CO | 8/4/1988Set One: The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, Flat Fee, The Lizards, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters[1], Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, The Sloth, Take the ‘A’ Train, Poor Heart[2], Peaches en Regalia, David BowieSet Two: Camel Walk, The Curtain > Wilson, No Dogs Allowed, Dog Log, Suzy Greenberg, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Satin Doll, PossumSet Three: Big Leg Emma, Fee > Run Like an Antelope, Rocky Top, Tela, Dear Mrs. ReaganEncore: Fluffhead[1] Fish on trombone.[2] First known performance.This show featured the first known performance of Poor Heart. McGrupp featured Fish on trombone.Setlist: Phish | The Roma | Telluride, CO | 8/5/1988Set One: La Grange, You Enjoy Myself > Cities -> Dave’s Energy Guide > Cities, Take the ‘A’ Train, Funky Bitch, Dinner and a Movie, FireSet Two: Golgi Apparatus > AC/DC Bag, Satin Doll, Sanity[1], Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Slave to the Traffic Light > Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, The LizardsSet Three: Mustang Sally, Corinna, Walk Away, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Contact, Makisupa Policeman, Whipping PostEncore: Harpua[1] Fish on trombone.On the recordings of this show in circulation, both Dinner and a Movie and Slave are cut. Cities included Dave’s Energy Guide teases before actually segueing into the song. ‘A’ Train included a London Bridge Is Falling Down tease from Trey. Funky Bitch was dedicated to The Blue Sevilles, a band playing across the street. Satin Doll was preceded by a Sailor’s Hornpipe tease from Trey and a Jeopardy! theme tease from Page. The band brought light board operator Tim Rogers on stage for his birthday and presented him with a “Baked in Telluride” T-shirt. Sanity featured Fish on trombone. BBFCFM included a Flintstones theme tease.[H/T JamBase]last_img read more

New Guest-Filled Jimi Hendrix Studio Compilation Released [Listen]

first_imgEvery few years, rock aficionados are treated to another collection of unreleased Jimi Hendrix studio recordings. The incomparable guitarist has put out 13 studio compilations since his untimely death, which is ten more than the three albums he released with the Jimi Hendrix Experience during his lifetime. The latest addition to his posthumous catalog—and the third volume in a trilogy of releases that includes 2010’s Valleys of Neptune and 2013’s People, Hell and Angels—is a forthcoming compilation titled Both Sides Of The Sky, and it’s out today via Legacy Recordings.The new “album” was compiled from a number of studio outtakes recorded while Hendrix was working on a follow-up to Electric Ladyland between January 1968 and February 1970. Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies collaborators Buddy Miles (drums) and Billy Cox (bass) join him for most of the tracks, though his Experience bandmates Mitch Mitchell (drums) and Noel Redding (bass) can be heard on one of the tunes.However, one of the most interesting things about Both Sides Of The Sky is the inclusion of a few of Hendrix’s collaborations with other rock legends. The release features appearances by Stephen Stills—who joins Hendrix for his own “$20 Fine” as well as a rendition of Joni Mitchell‘s “Woodstock”—and another effort with Johnny Winter, who contributes his chops to a cover of Guitar Slim’s “Things I Used To Do”. Saxophonist Lonnie Youngblood also helps out with a lengthy take on the Hendrix rarity “Georgia Blues”.Producer and engineer Eddie Kramer, who mixed and recorded every album Hendrix made before his death in 1970, and co-produced Both Sides Of The Sky, recalls the studio experience with Jimi in a new interview on NPR:“He did have a tendency to describe sounds in colors… If he said, ‘Hey, man, give me some of that green,’ I knew exactly what he meant; it was reverb. Or if he said, ‘Hey, man, more red,’ I knew it was distortion. And then if it went purple, it was really stupid distortion.”“He used the studio as a rehearsal place, and thank goodness that was happening, because tape was running and he would bring in different musicians to try to figure out what he was going to do with his musical direction.”It would sometimes take Hendrix up to nine months to complete a song, according to Kramer. He also confirms that there’s a lot of unreleased studio recordings left in the vault, and is just as excited to share the timeless material. “I get so excited,” he says. “I want to keep doing Jimi Hendrix for the rest of time.”You can read the full story on NPR.last_img read more

Creedence Clearwater Revival Releases 50th-Anniversary Music Video For “Fortunate Son” [Watch]

first_imgRoots-rock legends Creedence Clearwater Revival are beginning to mark the 50th anniversary of their self-titled debut album, released at the beginning of the summer of 1968. Today, the band released a special new music video for their Vietnam protest anthem, “Fortunate Son”. The video, helmed by veteran music-video director Ben Fee, featured joyous clips of a racially and socially diverse swath of modern-day, working-class Americans living their lives—being American—and echoing the song’s enduring populist refrain: “It ain’t me.”As the band notes in a Facebook post, “As the United States speeds towards an anniversary of its own on July 4th, we’re kicking off CCR’s 50th with the first-ever official music video for one of the band’s most enduring classics, ‘Fortunate Son,’ a song as vital now as ever.”“For me, protest right now is just showing pure positivity in the face of division and anger,” says the new video’s director, Ben Fee, “I wanted to highlight the community and positivity that everybody shares… I wanted to show what America feels like when you actually hit the road and drive throughout the states.”Watch the new video for Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” below:Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Fortunate Son” [Official Video][Video: Creedence Clearwater Revival]Creedence Clearwater Revival has a variety of other 50th-anniversary plans in the works for this year. According to a release from the band, record label Craft Recordings “will be honoring the band’s musical legacy via a diverse array of media, products and events; including a special release coming this fall. The fête will also provide fans with new ways to engage with CCR online-sharing their memories, streaming new content, and diving deeper into the band’s legendary history.”You can head to the new dedicated Creedence Clearwater Revival 50th-anniversary website,, for more information on upcoming news and releases.[H/T NPR]last_img read more

Lotus Adds Pigeons Playing Ping Pong To 2018 Summerdance Lineup

first_imgFans are gearing up for Lotus‘ annual Summerdance, the band’s homegrown music festival at Garrettsville, Ohio’s Nelson Ledges over Memorial Day Weekend. Slated for August 30th through September 2nd, Lotus announced the initial lineup for the festival in July, which features a number of beloved artists performing across the event’s three-nights.On Monday, Summerdance added yet another artist to the bill: the Baltimore-based funk-inspired jam masters of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. Pigeons Playing Ping Pong are veterans of the festival, having performed at Summerdance each of the last two years in, 2016 and 2017. Pigeons have steadily risen on the lineup each year, quickly becoming one of the event’s fan favorites. This year, the quartet has claimed the second spot on the bill—immediately below the host band, Lotus—and is set to serve as Thursday night’s headliner.In addition to three nights and six sets of Lotus and the newly announced Thursday night headlining performance from Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Summerdance’s 2018 lineup features a number of talented acts new and old. Per tradition, the festival will host a number of spin-off groups and side projects from Lotus’ band members—including Octave Cat, which features the band’s Jesse Miller plus Dopapod‘s Eli Winderman and Charlie Patierno; Luke The Knife, a DJ set from Lotus’ Luke Miller; and a special DJ set from Lotus’ Mike Greenfield. Summerdance will also see performances from Broccoli Samurai, Muscle Tough, Consider The Source, and Magic Beans.For more information and for ticketing for Lotus’ annual Summerdance celebration, head here.last_img read more

Lettuce Teams With The Colorado Symphony For Special Orchestral Performance In Denver [Videos]

first_imgOn Saturday night, November 10th, Colorado-based funk favorites Lettuce teamed up with the Colorado Symphony for a very special performance at the Denver Performing Arts Complex’s Boettcher Concert Hall.The Colorado Symphony is known for their standout collaborations with fan-favorite artists from the around the live music scene, having collaborated with artists like Warren Haynes, Elephant Revival, and others over the years. As the symphony explained in a statement when the Lettuce performance was announced,For more than two decades, Lettuce have brought a new vitality to classic funk, matching their smooth and soulful grooves with a hip-hop-inspired urgency. Their latest offerings showcase the exceptional musicianship and improvisational, rhythmic genius that fans have come to expect with orchestrations created especially for this world-premiere event by Tom Hagerman. For their Colorado Symphony debut, the band will bring forth their greatest creative endeavor to-date to funk the house down.The highly touted collaboration did not disappoint, as the band—dressed in their finest performance tuxedos—delivered a mix of fan-favorite originals and staple live covers which melded surprisingly well with the evening’s orchestral accompaniment.Next up for Lettuce is a three-night New Year’s run in Texas followed by the start of their 2019 Vibe Up Tour in January, which will feature numerous dates with support from Ghost-Note and Greyhounds in addition to several “evening with” performances. For a full list of upcoming Lettuce tour dates, head to the band’s website here.You can check out a selection of videos from the show below via YouTube user coloradojohnsons:“The Lobbyist”“Gang Ten”“Move On Up” [Curtis Mayfield cover]“Tryllis”“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” [Tears for Fears cover]“Madison Square” Setlist: Lettuce w/ The Colorado Symphony | Boettcher Hall | Denver, CO | 11/10/18Set One: Mt. Crushmore, The Lobbyist, Requiem > Gang Ten, Ghost of Jupiter, Move On Up, The ForceSet Two: New Intro > Larimar, Tryllis, Moksha, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Elephant Walk > Madison SquareEncore: Traplast_img read more