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Inc. the Supreme Court explained that its precedents demonstrate that the government can create many others: "In addition to traditional public forums a public forum may be created by government designation of a place or channel of communication for use by the public at large for assembly and speech for use by certain speakers or for the discussion of certain subjects" By that standard there is no question that Randall created a forum for speech when acting in her official capacity she set up a Facebook page that she said would enable her "to hear from ANY Loudoun citizen on ANY issues request criticism compliment or just your thoughts" Having set up the forum Randall was barred by the First Amendment from banning Davison’s speech simply because she disagreed with itOne of Randall’s defenses is that her Facebook page amounts to speech by a government official and that courts have granted significant leeway for officials to control such speech (Citizens have no right to have their views represented in an official’s news releases or speeches for instance) But Randall set up the page in such a way that it encouraged comments from her constituents and no one could possibly confuse such citizen comments as conveying a message from the governmentNor contrary to Randall’s position does the fact that Facebook is a private company – and that blocking other users from a page you set up is one of many features it offers – change the constitutional analysis Long-standing precedent makes clear that government officials cannot avoid the First Amendment’s requirements simply by hosting public meetings on private property After all Randall and not Facebook is the one who banned DavisonRandall also contends that a brief ban of 12 hours was too insignificant to count as a First Amendment violation As the trial court concluded however even a short ban punished Davison for his views and could have a chilling effect on other citizens’ speechThe arguments in Randall v Davison could serve as a preview of another case heading for a three-judge panel of appeals court judges in New York this winter Last year Twitter users blocked from the @realDonaldTrump account sued the president for unconstitutionally suppressing their voices Earlier this year a federal trial court in New York agreed that their First Amendment rights had been violated The Justice Department has appealed the caseWe believe the district court in the president’s case also got it right While at first blush the president’s Twitter account may seem less like a public forum than a Facebook page devoted to local issues there are important similarities First although @realDonaldTrump is technically nonofficial – the purportedly official Twitter account is @POTUS – Trump still conducts official business on the account – including announcing his nominees for Cabinet positions and sharing the results of official diplomatic meetingsHe (or others who help run the account) also make use of certain features that turn it from a system of one-way proclamations into a forum: Trump engages regularly with those who "like" and retweet his own remarks In turn the threads created under his tweets by constituents using Twitter’s "Reply" function result in a robust exchange of views Once Trump enabled certain features – such as by ensuring that replies were visible to him – the First Amendment barred him from deciding which views he’d be willing to tolerateAs former national security lawyers in government we’re well aware of the challenging issues the intersection of the First Amendment and rapidly advancing technologies can raise But applying long-standing constitutional principles to novel factual circumstances is something courts do every day And we think the case in Loudoun County implicates the most basic of the First Amendment’s mandates: Government officials can’t silence views simply because they dislike themIndeed given how central social media has become to political dialogue in this country – as the Supreme Court itself recently recognized – it’s especially important to ensure that First Amendment protections govern in digital spacesIt’s true that the government has an interest in not seeing official Twitter feeds and Facebook pages get overwhelmed by disruptive spam or obscene threatening abusive or harassing language – a disturbing possibility But we think a federal district court in Kentucky erred when it stated that applying the First Amendment to social media could prevent government officials from being able to stop their accounts from degenerating into online cesspools (The court made that argument in siding with Kentucky Gov Matt Bevin who wanted to be able to continue blocking followers)The Supreme Court has long been clear that the government can engage in what is called "content neutral" speech regulation and that such regulation can actually promote dialogue Consistent with this interpretation government officials are starting to develop policies that forbid spamming violating copyright laws and harassment on official social media pagesMore work needs to be done to refine these policies and we believe both legal and technological expertise should be brought to bear on their developmentEven the best policies may still raise difficult First Amendment questions in their application to hard cases But drawing difficult lines is hardly a challenge unique to the online world Officials presiding over in-person gatherings also must enforce rules that forbid harassment microphone-monopolizing harangues and other forms of speech that actually hurt the exchange of viewsGetting this right is important as the stakes are high Silencing voices criticizing the government on social media while permitting voices praising the government has become an all-too-familiar playbook for authoritarian regimes worldwide Allowing government officials here in the United States to employ the same tactics would be a decidedly unhealthy direction for our democracyOur first line of defense is our judiciary which can stop government officials from engaging in this slide through decisions that uphold the First Amendment The second step must be to help government officials figure out how to facilitate genuine discourse on social media so that digital-age public forums prosperBut that first step is a crucial one: getting courts and the public to see that today’s digital town halls deserve as much protection as traditional in-person gatherings That’s what the First Amendment demands–This article was written by Christopher Fonzone and Joshua A Geltzer reporters for The Washington PostShehu Sani senator representing Kaduna central has reacted to the decision of President Muhammadu Buhari against tenure extension for the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman and other elected national and state officials of the party Buhari on Monday told members of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the party that the tenure elongation of Oyegun and others was illegal Reacting Sani in an interview on Channels TV praised President Buhari for saving the party from what he described as a national disaster “The intervention of the President if it was not done it would have been disastrous for the party I feel highly relieved “So in every sense of the word it has saved the party from what would have consumed it at the end of the day “If we went ahead with that tenure elongation and someone from the opposition party goes to court after all the processes of congresses and primaries has been done the point is that we may end up without a governorship or presidential candidate and without a candidate at all the legislative arm of government “On my part I told him (Buhari) right to his face that as a man who has seen it all who has achieved so much as a public officer he should outrightly reject that extension because the members of the party we are outrightly opposed to it “What happened is that there were people who misled the President misled the party and are trying to use that extension for them to achieve their own end” he said it could end up reshaping how Trump and his aides run his famous Twitter feed. The farewell handshake between President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron lasted about 25 seconds https://t.

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in part:Dear Marilyn, her father reassured her she would be safe at school, Her classmate was shot through the window while he was cowering under a desk. Serena (Lawrence) says that nothing in the past matters; but thats just the cooing lie of a femme fatale the type that Barbara Stanwyck brought to seductive life and death in Hollywood’s Golden and Noir ages. PTI The visit assumes significance as it comes a day after criminal conspiracy charges were framed against top BJP leaders in the Babri mosque demolition case by a CBI special court. he said. encouraging them to take chances and try new experiences. While royal admirers waited for the chance to meet Harry and Meghan Markle, is building and consolidating a Patidar voter base for the Congress. About 100 people attended the "Gathering for Healing" ceremony beneath tall pine trees on the north end of the park in downtown Fargo.

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