New Guest-Filled Jimi Hendrix Studio Compilation Released [Listen]

first_imgEvery few years, rock aficionados are treated to another collection of unreleased Jimi Hendrix studio recordings. The incomparable guitarist has put out 13 studio compilations since his untimely death, which is ten more than the three albums he released with the Jimi Hendrix Experience during his lifetime. The latest addition to his posthumous catalog—and the third volume in a trilogy of releases that includes 2010’s Valleys of Neptune and 2013’s People, Hell and Angels—is a forthcoming compilation titled Both Sides Of The Sky, and it’s out today via Legacy Recordings.The new “album” was compiled from a number of studio outtakes recorded while Hendrix was working on a follow-up to Electric Ladyland between January 1968 and February 1970. Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies collaborators Buddy Miles (drums) and Billy Cox (bass) join him for most of the tracks, though his Experience bandmates Mitch Mitchell (drums) and Noel Redding (bass) can be heard on one of the tunes.However, one of the most interesting things about Both Sides Of The Sky is the inclusion of a few of Hendrix’s collaborations with other rock legends. The release features appearances by Stephen Stills—who joins Hendrix for his own “$20 Fine” as well as a rendition of Joni Mitchell‘s “Woodstock”—and another effort with Johnny Winter, who contributes his chops to a cover of Guitar Slim’s “Things I Used To Do”. Saxophonist Lonnie Youngblood also helps out with a lengthy take on the Hendrix rarity “Georgia Blues”.Producer and engineer Eddie Kramer, who mixed and recorded every album Hendrix made before his death in 1970, and co-produced Both Sides Of The Sky, recalls the studio experience with Jimi in a new interview on NPR:“He did have a tendency to describe sounds in colors… If he said, ‘Hey, man, give me some of that green,’ I knew exactly what he meant; it was reverb. Or if he said, ‘Hey, man, more red,’ I knew it was distortion. And then if it went purple, it was really stupid distortion.”“He used the studio as a rehearsal place, and thank goodness that was happening, because tape was running and he would bring in different musicians to try to figure out what he was going to do with his musical direction.”It would sometimes take Hendrix up to nine months to complete a song, according to Kramer. He also confirms that there’s a lot of unreleased studio recordings left in the vault, and is just as excited to share the timeless material. “I get so excited,” he says. “I want to keep doing Jimi Hendrix for the rest of time.”You can read the full story on NPR.last_img read more

Magic Beans’ Scott Hachey Reflects On Beanstalk’s Seven Years Of Growth, Change, Friends, & Family [Interview]

first_imgColorado’s own Magic Beans are gearing up for their seventh-annual Beanstalk Music & Mountains Festival at Bond, Colorado’s Rancho Del Rio, set to take place on June 27th–29th, 2019.The three-day event has solidified itself as one of Colorado’s premier music and camping festivals, with tubing and other water-related activities on the beautiful Colorado River easily accessible throughout the weekend. In addition to a consistently stellar lineup and morning yoga offerings, Beanstalk’s prime location along the banks of the Colorado River allows attendees to enjoy the outdoors—including hiking, hot springs, cliff jumping, ATVing, and world-class mountain biking—before the music starts in the mid-afternoon.With Beanstalk quickly approaching, Live For Live Music talked to festival founder/CEO and Magic Beans guitarist Scott Hachey about the original vision behind conceptualizing the festival, important skills he’s learned from observing Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s Jeremy Schon and Greg Ormont throwing their Domefest event, this year’s newly adapted alcohol policies, and more.Live For Live Music: What was your original vision for Beanstalk?Scott Hachey: At first, Beanstalk was kind of just Magic Beans’ backyard party and family reunion of sorts for Team Bean. It all started back in college when I was a young gun and we found a nice place called State Bridge up in Bond, Colorado, in relatively close proximity to Vail. State Bridge is this beautiful outdoor amphitheater for those who have never been—just an absolutely beautiful location. There’s yurts and tee-pees for camping, cabins, and it’s right next to a river, creating a beautiful scene.We initially got two nights booked there, and I thought to myself, “This is too good to come do by ourselves. We need to bring up as many people as possible and make this a party.” So, when we started, we took all of the money we were supposed to make and paid other bands to come up and play. That was the first year of Beanstalk and things have kind of grown organically and gotten crazy since then.L4LM: Who originally showed you that area of Colorado? Other than attending a show at State Bridge, you wouldn’t necessarily know about the area of Colorado as a music spectator.SH: We were young and gigging as the Beans at that point and we got booked to play Campout For The Cause two years in a row. Scotty Stoughton helped us get that gig, who puts on WinterWonderGrass and some other great events. We basically started having success there and some of the bands up there had some sets that “smashed,” you could say [laughs]. The guy who owns State Bridge told us that we should come up and host our own weekend and that was the spawn of it.L4LM: Let’s talk a little bit about being able to run a festival, as well as perform in the band that headlines every night. There are very few people that are able to pull that off.SH: It goes with that whole attitude, “if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.” We all like things done a certain, specific way, so sometimes I like taking care of things myself. I’ve been holding on to the reigns from the beginning, so it’s kind of hard to just let go. Luckily I have Ryan [Noel] to work with.It’s a labor of love. Going from that empty palette to all of a sudden having a festival on your hands for everyone to enjoy, and you built that shit, and play it, there’s kind of an emotional attachment to the event that you can’t have with another club or even your hometown venue. You feel like you really built everything from scratch. Maybe my voice is a little bit raspier from running around and yelling, but for the most part, I think there’s a lot more passion and emotion from the band, having put in a lot of work to make the event happen.The only other guys I know that can do it are Jeremy [Schon] and Greg [Ormont] from Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. They’ve been a perfect example for us and we’ve known them for a long time at this point. They’re a couple years ahead of us in terms of how long their festival has been around, as well as where they’re at as a band and their fanbase. I’m always taking notes at Domefest on how they operate so smoothly. It’s extremely impressive, especially with their band performing so many covers and putting time and attention to the production of their performance. I’m surprised they can honestly play the festival, too. Jeremy was up at the end of our 5 a.m. late-night set. He walked up to us after our show and said, “thanks for crushing it”, and his girlfriend was jokingly telling him to get to bed.L4LM: Magic Beans are releasing a new album right before the festival. What’s significant about this year’s Beanstalk for you?SH: Oh man. 2019 has been a really big year for the band so far in terms of momentum and big shows like our Red Rocks performance. We have a lot of momentum going into this year’s Beanstalk and I feel as though lots of times before we’ve been not the headliner and have been bringing in more high-profile bands. This year, I feel like we got the momentum of the headliner and the music’s at an overall impressive level. I feel good about going in and slamming it this year!I’m also excited to see all of the people and friends. There’s a lot of fam coming up and heavy-hitter musicians, including the Ghost-Note guys, members from Lettuce and The Motet, along with Yak Attack and lespecial, and many more. There’s a lot of heavy cats this year that should make any music fan excited.L4LM: In the past, there have been some special sets like Magic Brownies and various all-star jams. Is there anything special planned that fans can look forward to?SH: Hmmm… All I can say is the Adam Deitch & The Midnight Marauders‘ set with members of Lettuce and The Motet has a special theme and they’re going to be playing a certain type of music. I really don’t wanna give anything away!Last year, we had Yak Attack perform a late-night on the final night following the Beans set, which was unannounced. This year we have scheduled late-night sets from both Yak Attack and lespecial, and I think the Yak Attack set should be pretty heavy. Brothers Nate Werth (Ghost-Note) and Nick Werth (Yak Attack) will both be there, so there’s potential for that late-night to be every musician in attendance getting down to sexy backing tracks from Yak Attack. It could be heavy, I’m really looking forward to it.L4LM: Beanstalk changed up its alcohol policies this year. Tell me about that.SH: We’re trying to embrace the backyard vibes—the looser vibe with Beanstalk. We personally like to keep it chill. I think allowing people to bring their booze into the concert grounds will allow them to drink whatever their preference of alcohol is at their own rate, and we don’t have to worry about keeping a complex bar stocked or not having what people like inside the concert bowl.I know [in the past] a lot of people would have to leave the concert bowl to go grab a drink and then not be allowed to bring it back in. I just want people to be able to stay, watch the music, and go to their cooler whenever they want. We’re trying to do something different.L4LM: Who have you gained lifelong friendships with because of Beanstalk?SH: Wow, let me think. A lot of these younger bands like lespecial, Yak Attack, Kitchen Dwellers, and obviously all of the local bands. We get to do the road thing with a lot of these bands and it’s nice to be able to invite them home, show them Team Bean, show them Colorado, and actually get time to hang out and socialize. That’s the reason why we bring all of the contemporaries. We like to get time to hang and not be constantly focused on work.I also feel like Jeremy [Schon] probably feels the same way about Domefest, but down the line, we try to cherry pick these bands that will still be doing it and making it in the future. I hope that Magic Beans will be doing the same and we’ll still be hangin’ like old friends. Our hopes are to bring in the best bands that are still together now.L4LM: Is there anybody playing Beanstalk this year that hasn’t played before and you’re extra excited about?SH: Com Truise! His set should be timed around sunset into the night and it should just be perfect. We’re amped about it. Ryan [Noel] and I both booked the set as a collaborative effort. We’ve been trying to branch out to more producers and DJs, but we have a certain style of that type of music that we enjoy and it has to be fit for the natural environment up there. We don’t want it to be too intense or harsh. Com Truise is the perfect fit. He’ll get you in a daze and keep your legs moving.Tickets are still available for Beanstalk’s 2019 event, so grab them here before it’s too late!Head to the festival’s website for more information.last_img read more

Vermont best as US foreclosure activity drops to lowest level since November 2008

first_imgVermont had the lowest foreclosure activity in the nation in November, with 10 foreclosures at a rate of only 1 for every 31,262 units. North Dakota was a very distant second with 49 foreclosures for a rate of 1 in 6,395. New Hampshire had 561 foreclosures for a rate of 1 in 1,064.RealtyTrac (www.realtytrac.com(link is external)), the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties, has released its US Foreclosure Market Report for November 2010, which shows foreclosure filings ‘ default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions ‘ were reported on 262,339 US properties in November, a 21 percent decrease from the previous month and a 14 percent decrease from November 2009. One in every 492 U.S. housing units received a foreclosure filing during the month.‘Foreclosure activity decreased dramatically in November, with fewer than 300,000 properties receiving a foreclosure notice for the first time since February 2009,’ said James J. Saccacio, chief executive officer at RealtyTrac. ‘While part of the decrease can be attributed to a seasonal drop of 7 to 10 percent that typically occurs in November, fallout from the foreclosure robo-signing controversy forced lenders and servicers to hit the pause button on many foreclosures while they scrambled to revamp their internal procedures and revise or resubmit questionable paperwork.’Both the 21 percent month-over-month decrease and 14 percent year-over-year decrease in foreclosure activity were the highest drops recorded since RealtyTrac began publishing the US Foreclosure Report in January 2005.Foreclosure Activity by TypeA total of 78,955 U.S. properties received default notices (NOD, LIS) in November, a 21 percent decrease from the previous month and a 31 percent decrease from November 2009 ‘ the 10th straight annual decrease in default notices. November’s default notices total was the lowest since July 2007.Default notices in states that practice judicial foreclosures (called Lis Pendens filings) decreased 31 percent from the previous month and were down 43 percent from November 2009. Meanwhile non-judicial default notices (NOD) decreased 9 percent from the previous month and were down 12 percent from November 2009.Foreclosure auctions (NTS, NFS) were scheduled for the first time on a total of 115,956 U.S. properties in November, a 16 percent decrease from the previous month and unchanged from November 2009. Scheduled judicial foreclosure auctions (NFS) decreased 34 percent from the previous month and were down 12 percent from November 2009, while scheduled non-judicial foreclosure auctions (NTS) decreased 7 percent from the previous month but increased 5 percent from November 2009.Lenders foreclosed on 67,428 U.S. properties in November, down 28 percent from the previous month and down 12 percent from November 2009. Bank repossessions (REOs) decreased month-over-month in 37 states and the District of Columbia. November’s REO total was the lowest since May 2009, but November’s numbers pushed the year-to-date 2010 REO total to more than 980,000 ‘ already above the record year-end total for 2009.Nevada, Utah, California post top state foreclosure ratesDespite a 20 percent monthly decrease in foreclosure activity, Nevada posted the nation’s highest state foreclosure rate for the 47th straight month. One in every 99 Nevada housing units received a foreclosure filing in November ‘ nearly five times the national average.Thanks in part to sharp monthly drops in foreclosure activity in Arizona, Florida, California and Michigan, Utah’s foreclosure rate leapfrogged to second highest among the states in November after being sixth highest the previous month. One in every 221 Utah housing units received a foreclosure notice during the month ‘ more than twice the national average.With one in every 233 housing units receiving a foreclosure filing in November, California posted the nation’s third highest foreclosure rate despite a nearly 14 percent decrease in foreclosure activity from the previous month and a 22 percent decrease in foreclosure activity from November 2009.Other states with foreclosure rates ranking among the top 10 in November were Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Idaho, Illinois and Colorado.10 states account for more than 70 percent of national totalCalifornia alone accounted for 22 percent of the national total in November, with 57,378 properties receiving a foreclosure filing during the month ‘ the nation’s highest state total. Default notices in California, which is primarily a non-judicial foreclosure state, decreased 11 percent from the previous month, while scheduled auctions decreased 2 percent and bank repossessions decreased 40 percent.With 32,938 properties receiving a foreclosure filing in November, Florida posted the second highest state total despite a 42 percent drop in foreclosure activity from the previous month. Default notices in Florida, which is a judicial foreclosure state, decreased 52 percent from the previous month, while scheduled auctions decreased 46 percent and bank repossessions decreased 20 percent.With 15,311 properties receiving a foreclosure filing in November, Michigan posted the third highest state total despite a 21 percent drop in foreclosure activity from the previous month. Default notices in Michigan, which is primarily a non-judicial foreclosure state, decreased 4 percent from the previous month, while scheduled auctions decreased 20 percent and REOs decreased 35 percent.Georgia posted the fourth highest state total, with 14,423 properties receiving a foreclosure filing, and Texas posted the fifth highest state total, with 13,369 properties receiving a foreclosure filing. Both states ‘ which are primarily non-judicial foreclosure states with short foreclosure processes that do not require a public default notice separate from the published foreclosure auction notice ‘ documented double-digit percentage increases in scheduled auctions from the previous month but also documented double-digit percentage decreases in bank repossessions from the previous month.Other states with foreclosure activity totals among the nation’s 10 highest in November were Illinois (12,941), Nevada (11,371), Ohio (10,458), Arizona (10,384) and Pennsylvania (5,672).Top 10 metro foreclosure rates in Nevada, California and FloridaWith one in every 86 housing units receiving a foreclosure filing in November, the Las Vegas-Paradise, Nev., metro area maintained the nation’s highest foreclosure rate among metropolitan areas with a population of 200,000 or more. Las Vegas foreclosure activity decreased 19 percent from the previous month but was up 21 percent from November 2009.Reno-Sparks, Nev., also posted a foreclosure rate in the top 10, at No. 8 with one in every 150 housing units receiving a foreclosure filing in November.Seven California cities posted foreclosure rates that ranked in the top 10: Stockton at No. 2 with one in every 130 housing units receiving a foreclosure filing; Bakersfield at No. 3 (one in 133 housing units); Modesto at No. 4 (one in 135 housing units); Vallejo-Fairfield at No. 5 (one in 144 housing units); Merced at No. 6 (one in 147 housing units); Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario at No. 7 (one in 148 housing units); and Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville at No. 9 (one in 163 housing units).Big monthly drops in foreclosure activity in many Florida metro areas resulted in only one metro area in the state with a foreclosure rate ranking among the top 10: Port St. Lucie at No. 10 with one in every 173 housing units receiving a foreclosure filing in November.Report methodologyThe RealtyTrac U.S. Foreclosure Market Report provides a count of the total number of properties with at least one foreclosure filing entered into the RealtyTrac database during the month ‘ broken out by type of filing. Some foreclosure filings entered into the database during the month may have been recorded in previous months. Data is collected from more than 2,200 counties nationwide, and those counties account for more than 90 percent of the U.S. population. RealtyTrac’s report incorporates documents filed in all three phases of foreclosure: Default ‘ Notice of Default (NOD) and Lis Pendens (LIS); Auction ‘ Notice of Trustee Sale and Notice of Foreclosure Sale (NTS and NFS); and Real Estate Owned, or REO properties (that have been foreclosed on and repurchased by a bank). The report does not count a property again if it receives the same type of foreclosure filing multiple times within the estimated foreclosure timeframe for the state where the property is located. Source: IRVINE, Calif. ‘ Dec. 16, 2010 ‘ RealtyTrac® (www.realtytrac.com(link is external)last_img read more

DIRANDRO: Brazilian organized crime group playing major role in Perú’s cocaine trade

first_img A Brazilian organized crime group could be responsible for as much as 60 percent of the cocaine trafficked out of Perú, according to a report by the Anti-Drug Directorate of the National Police of Perú (DIRANDRO) was recently published by La República. The First Catarinense Group (PGC) is the primary customer of numerous cocaine operations in the Andean Nation’s Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro River Valleys (VRAEM), allegedly acquiring drugs through their connection with Peruvian Fortunato Lagos Lizarbe, according to the report. The PGC flies cocaine into Brazil using light aircraft that have access to about 52 clandestine landing strips in the VRAEM and nearby areas. The PGC also utilizes land and river routes along the border between Colombia and Brazil, according to the report. Drug trafficking groups process about 200 tons of cocaine in the VRAEM annually, Peruvian security analyst Rubén Vargas told La República. Drug traffickers transport about 90 percent of that cocaine through the air, he said. Perú is the world’s leading cocaine-producing country, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Perú is home to 13-coca growing regions, with 60,400 hectares used for cultivating coca – the main ingredient used to make cocaine, according to the UNODC’s annual report, “Perú: Cocaine Cultivation Monitoring 2012.” Ninety-three percent of coca crops in Perú are used to produce the drug, according to DEVIDA. From January 1 through August 1 2014, Peruvian authorities destroyed 12,721 hectares of coca plants, officials said. Peruvian authorities’ goal is to eradicate 30,000 hectares of coca in 2014, according to Perú’s National Commission for a Drug-Free Life (DEVIDA). In 2013, Peruvian security forces authorities eradicated more than 23,947 hectares used for coca cultivation, a significant increase from the 14,234 hectares destroyed in 2012. Peruvian security forces seized 2,200 metric tons of precursor chemicals destined for coca-growing regions last year, according to Vicente Romero Fernández, head of DIRANDRO. Mexican Army finds country’s first coca plantation Successful anti-drug operation in Panamá By Dialogo September 12, 2014center_img In Panamá, Colombian counter-narcotics police, Panamanian security forces and agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently worked together to apprehend Colombian brothers Édgar and Ever Bustamante Riascos, who are suspected by Colombian authorities of trafficking about three tons of cocaine to Costa Rica, according to El Tiempo. Security forces captured the brothers in Panama City. Colombian authorities suspect they are leaders of the Bustamente crime organization, which uses Colombia’s Pacific coast as a hub for narco-trafficking. “They are responsible for coordinating shipments of drugs to Central America, in addition to setting up front companies to enter the money into the country,” Colombian police told El Tiempo. Colombian authorities suspect the two brothers have worked with La Empresa, one of the major gangs in the port city of Buenaventura. La Empresa has been fighting with other drug trafficking groups for control of the drug trade, which has led to an increase in violence in the port region. In response to the violence, President Juan Manuel Santos in March deployed 2,400 soldiers and officers from the Colombian Army, Navy and National Police to restore safety. The arrest of the Bustamante Riascos continues to show that Panamá is being used as a transshipment point for narcotics. Panamanian authorities confiscated 10.2 tons of drugs – mainly cocaine, marijuana and heroin – between January and April. In all of 2013, Panamanian security forces confiscated nearly 44 tons of drugs, according to the National Integrated System for Criminal Statistics. “Drug trafficking is Panamá’s greatest problem because [it uses the country to transfer] drugs from Colombia toward Honduras before the shipments are sent to the United States and Europe,” Panamanian Minister for Public Security José Raúl Mulino said. Mulino credited working with partner nations for the strides the Central American nation has made against the narcotics trade. “We’ve managed to secure the country against drug trafficking,” he added. “This is due in large part to the cooperation strategies we have developed with [Colombia and the United States] for this international fight.” Mexican officials are concerned local traffickers are trying to manufacture cocaine domestically after the Army and police discovered the country’s first coca plantation on September 9. Security forces destroyed 1,639 coca plants growing on 1,250 square meters of land in the municipality of Tuxtla Chico in the southern state of Chiapas, near the Guatemalan border. “We have information that this is the first plantation that has been located at a national level of this type of plant,” Sergio Ernesto Martínez Rescalvo, the commander of the 36th Military Zone in Tapachula, told the Mexican newspaper Reforma. The eradication occurred a week after security agents arrested three suspects in connection with the seizure of coca leaves and plants at a nearby residence. Los Zetas, the violent Mexican transnational criminal organization, has a strong presence in Chiapas. Los Zetas engages in drug trafficking in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The presence of coca is alarming to Mexican authorities because the vast majority of cocaine that enters Central America and Mexico is produced in South America, mainly Perú, Colombia and Bolivia. Good job to the authorities involved in the operation.last_img read more

Are you reaching these 6 key cardholder segments?

first_img continue reading » Credit unions are known for their loyal members. But that doesn’t mean your members are always using your card as their preferred form of payment. To get placed top of wallet, you need to develop a deep understanding of your cardholders and their purchasing habits.As a merchant acquirer, Worldpay has visibility into the purchase activity of 161 million credit and debit cards, representing 82 million U.S. households. Armed with this huge cache of data, we are able to isolate and analyze differences in cardholder shopping trends between credit unions and national banks.One trend we’re watching closely is the growth of recurring payments. As more cardholders load and save their cards with online subscription services, this becomes an increasingly desirable category.Although credit unions grew recurring payments as a percentage of total volume by 65 percent in 2017, national banks did even better at 80 percent. The result? National banks increased their market share in this category, and now hold nearly 75 percent share versus credit unions. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

A free English language course was organized in Split for hosts in family accommodation

first_imgGreat tourist news comes to us from Split, more precisely from the Tourist Board of the City of Split and the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County.Naime, kako bi zajedničkim angažmanom podigli razinu kvalitete usluga u turizmu na viši nivo, Turistička zajednica grada Splita i Turistička zajednica Splitsko-dalmatinske županije u suradnji s Centrom znanja – ustanovom za obrazovanje odraslih, organiziraju besplatan tečaj engleskog jezika za domaćine u obiteljskom smještaju. Tečaj engleskog jezika održati će se u srijedu ( January 31.01.2018, 18) at XNUMX p.m., at the address Prokurative 2 (Knowledge Center) in Split.Great praise for tourist boards as organizers of the free course, because tourist boards are certainly the initiators and responsible for the development of a tourist destination, and they must care about the quality of the entire tourist destination. This is a great example of how positive change and quality growth can be influenced.last_img read more


first_img Share LocalNews IMPORTANT VARIATIONS TO THE AIRPORT ROAD PROJECT SET TO IMPROVE THE LONGTERM VIABILITY OF THAT ROAD by: – March 1, 2011 134 Views   2 comments Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Share Tweet GIS News by Emmanuel JosephTheMinistry of Public Works is currently taking a number of steps to ensure that the airport road development project is of the highest integrity and standard.Work on lot two of the project extending from Pond Casé to MelvilleHall is currently on-going.Hon. Minister for Public Works, RayburnBlackmoore, in speaking to the media on Friday, said while the project is progressing at a steady pace, a number of variations had to be made to the original scope of work on the road.“There are some variations that must be done to take the road to the level that will bring some degree of satisfaction to us in Dominica. It makes no sense to build a road now and three (3) years down the road, you come to spend or do the things you could have done now.”In the Gleau Gommier area for example, the Minister says work is being done to re-align that section of the road which will address a road failure issue there.“If you look at the Gleau Gommier area, this is a very dangerous area and you have seen the road failure over a period of time. What we have to do in is to re-align the road further eastwards. That would require some significant excavation work.”TheMinister says the construction of a protective river wall along the Hatten Garden section of the road is necessary to protect the investment.“The initial inclination there was to have excavated towards the cliff areas. However, we have a situation whereby the river in itself is undermining the road. Therefore, there is need for us to protect that major investment by installing a concrete wall and is going to cost in the area of one point one million dollars (XCD$1.1 m). We also believe that if we have to get the road right, we have to ensure that we put in place the necessary mitigating factors in place. We are looking at the possibility of erecting a river wall there and to do some minimal excavation towards the cliff area and make the road safer and to protect that major investment.”The ministry of public works will also work towards cutting any unnecessary bends along the road.“Around the round-about, you are going to see a straighter road. You have seen some work started there and as I have said, the intention is to make the road as safe as possible and to really enhance the whole issue of security, more importantly to people.”The Canefield to Melville hall road is expected to be completed by February 2012. TheMinister says his ministry has taken all the necessary actions to ensure the project is delivered by the contractors on time.“If you are going to ask people to drive through the Carib Reserve, you cannot drive through the Carib Reserve indefinitely. Therefore, we have to ensure that we, as the Ministry and Government, honour our responsibility under the contract and we have to ensure that the contractor, himself, stick to the terms and conditions of the contract and to deliver the project, of course, in a timely manner.What we have instructed, through the consultant on the project, is to have additional pieces of equipment, more specifically, excavators to have what you call mass excavation during the dry spell. We do not want a situation whereby we go into the rainy season and having to do significant excavation work. That can be devastating and once we have all the required assets on the job site, that is to say the tools of trade and pieces of equipment and sufficient manpower, we can then have the road closed except for local access at particular times. What you do not want to happen is to have significant work being done, especially excavation, and to have vehicles and persons trying to make their way in and out of the construction site. We have to ensure that we put in place the necessary controls in terms of traffic for the travelling public. We believe with a proper schedule and proper supervision and accountability we can get the contractor to execute this project in a timely fashion.”Lot two of the airport road project is funded by the government of the republic of France through the Agence Francaise de Developement at the cost of $52 million dollars.last_img read more

Everton: Davies salutes Ancelotti,others

first_img Loading… The midfielder also paid tribute to match-winner Richarlison, saluting the Brazilian’s explosive attacking quality and relentless work rate. Everton created a host of chances against Brighton but Richarlison’s skilfully manufactured 38th-minute goal ultimately proved decisive as the Blues secured a deserved victory. Everton have won three of their four top-flight matches under Ancelotti’s stewardship and just four points separate the Blues from sixth place in the table. Academy graduate Davies – who has started 12 of Everton’s past 14 Premier League matches – delivered another accomplished midfield performance against Brighton, with his energy and positive intent helping the Blues dominate for extended periods. Davies believes the Toffees will continue to improve as the manager further implements his ideas and principles. “We’re working hard to try to get better,” he said. “Last week training was good for us. It was the first time we’ve had a full week of training with the manager, with the fixture schedule we’ve had. “The manager has been brilliant since he’s come in – him and all his staff. I’m just looking to improve as much as I can under him. “Everybody knows how great a career he’s had in football – both as a manager and playing. “His staff have all got great knowledge of football, too. For me, being a young player, I’ve just got to try to pick up everything I can from the manager. “He’s been great so far and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season Promoted Content8 Shows That Went From “Funny” To “Why Am I Watching This”7 Non-Obvious Things That Damage Your Phone14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right NowCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?Insane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street ArtWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?A Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Drone7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterTop 10 Tiniest Phones Ever Made7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better “It was a good performance from us all [against Brighton]. We needed the three points. “We’re doing well in the league of late. We’ve only lost to Man City in the past seven league games. It’s all about looking forward now. “We’re close to the top half of the table and we want to push on. “The way we’ve been playing in the league, I don’t see why we can’t finish high up. We need to keep our consistency and, if we do that, we’ll climb the table.” Richarlison’s strike represented his 10th of the season, moving the Brazil international level with Dominic Calvert-Lewin as Everton’s joint-top goalscorer Richarlison provided a constant attacking threat against Brighton, with his five shots the highest total of any player on the pitch. He contested 22 duels – eight more than any other individual during the game – and recovered possession eight times for his team. Davies explained how Richarlison’s all-action performances have a galvanising effect on the team. “He’s a quality player and he’s banging them in now for fun now,” he said. “I’m made up to have him on my team and to be able to train and play with him is brilliant. “It’s not only his quality in scoring goals, it’s his work rate. Read Also:EPL: Southampton stun Leicester as Everton pip Brighton “He’s shown that again [against Brighton]. The lad just keeps going. “When you think you’ve got nothing left, he’s there running, and it picks you up again. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Tom Davies is confident Everton’s win over Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday can kickstart another strong series of results and revealed his belief the Blues will climb the Premier League table under “brilliant” manager Carlo Ancelotti.last_img read more

Javier Hernandez joins LA Galaxy from Sevilla

first_img The MLS club agreed a fee of around £7m with Sevilla for the 31-year old. “I’m arriving with the best club in MLS, so I’m very excited about this. I’m simply ready to finally put the shirt on,” Hernandez said.“I want to achieve a lot of things with the LA Galaxy because that’s what prove and show. I signed with this club for [four seasons] so imagine four more stars on this badge. It’ll be awesome.”Hernandez left West Ham for Sevilla last summer but has struggled for regular playing time under Julen Lopetegui. Javier Hernandez has completed his move from Sevilla to LA Galaxy.Advertisement He has been limited to one goal in nine La Liga appearances so far this season and has made only two appearances since November 2.Hernandez, who is Mexico’s all-time leading scorer with 52 goals, will help fill the void up front for LA Galaxy left by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who left the club for AC Milan following the expiration of his contract in December.LA Galaxy president Chris Klein said: “The LA Galaxy continue to pursue top talent across the world that will improve our team.“Javier is one of most successful players in our region and an iconic figure in this community. Read Also: Chelsea vs Arsenal: James doubtful for London derby“The LA Galaxy have represented Los Angeles and have been the benchmark in Major League Soccer since 1996, and our pursuit of the world’s best players for our club will continue to play a part in our success.“We are excited to add Javier to our club and look forward to him representing the LA Galaxy in our stadium and in the Los Angeles community.”The new MLS season kicks off at the end of February.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… Promoted ContentWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?What Are The Most Delicious Foods Out There?A Guy Turns Gray Walls And Simple Bricks Into Works Of Art7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better18 Beautiful Cities That Are Tourist MagnetsThe 10 Best Secondary Education Systems In The WorldWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?The Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemThe Network’s Greatest Shows On HBO6 Best 90’s Action Movies From Your ChildhoodWhat Are The Chances Of An Apocalypse Happening This Century?last_img read more

Premier League outline plans to resume training

first_img Promoted Content7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better7 Universities In The World Where Education Costs Too Much10 Characters That Should Be Official Disney PrincessesWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Pretty Awesome Shows That Just Got CanceledThe 6 Weirdest Things You Can Learn On WikiHowTop 10 TV Friends Who Used To Be Enemies11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearThese TV Characters Left The Show And It Just Got Better6 Unforgettable Shows From The 90s That Need To Make A Comeback Loading… Raheem Sterling and Manchester City are among the sides keen to see the season played out +21Virgil Van Dijk and Liverpool want to conclude the season so they can secure the Premier League title +21Premier League clubs have been told not to expect any special privileges post Covid-19 Fans have had to be patient but clubs are keen to finish the season, rather than end it early +21Fans have had to be patient but clubs are keen to finish the season, rather than end it early As a result it is likely that the widespread availability of testing kits is a pre-requisite for matches to be staged even if they are held behind closed doors, as all players, staff and match-day personnel would need to be tested, a figure of several hundred people. Social distancing measures have seen stadiums locked and games would return without fans Read Also: EPL clubs committed to finishing season, but no deadline set ‘In common with other businesses and industries, the Premier League and our clubs are working through complex planning scenarios,’ the Premier League said in a statement. ‘Today’s shareholders’ meeting provided an opportunity to discuss possible scheduling models. ‘It remains our objective to complete the 2019-20 season, but at this stage all dates are tentative while the impact of Covid-19 develops.’ FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img The Premier League are working towards a tentative resumption date of the week beginning June 8 following a meeting dominated by discussions over when their players will be permitted to return to training on Friday. The clubs were told that the government will not make a special case for football during discussions over when and if to relax social distancing rules, leading the Premier League to outline a best-case scenario of training resuming on May 18 with matches starting again behind closed doors three weeks later. Liverpool fans will be praying they can enjoy winning the Premier League this season A group of clubs have held private talks about wanting to set a deadline of June 30 to complete the campaign due to the legal complexities of extending player and commercial contracts beyond that date, but Sportsmail has been told that they did push this issue during Friday’s conference call. Instead there was a commitment from all clubs to finish the season if possible with all willing to work to framework based on the existing fixture list. The so-called Big Six are known to be particularly keen to play out the season as they have significant prize money and European qualification at stake, and they would be willing to carry on playing until August if necessary. The Premier League are working towards a tentative resumption date of the week of June 8 The Premier League are understood to have warned the clubs that they cannot expect any special privileges from government however, and that they will be subjected to the same measures regarding social distancing and Covid-19 as the rest of the country.last_img read more