Fed Chair Powell highlights importance of independent Fed

first_imgWASHINGTON – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says the Fed’s independence from political pressure plays a key role in enabling the central bank to fight inflation, stabilize the economy, and regulate the financial system.His remarks Friday come after Kevin Warsh, a former Fed official who President Donald Trump interviewed for the chairman post, said in an interview with Politico that Trump did not appear to view the Fed as an independent body. He said Trump was direct about how he thought interest rates should be managed.Powell warned against taking that independence for granted given its recent success in keeping inflation low.Powell warned, “We must not forget the lessons of the past, when a lack of central bank independence led to episodes of runaway inflation and subsequent economic contractions.”last_img read more

Two universities evacuated after reports of suspicious packages

Two universities have been evacuated after reports of suspicious packages being found within their grounds. On Wednesday morning, at 11.40am, the University of Glasgow announced it had evacuated some of its buildings after a suspicious package was found in its mailroom.Hours later, at 2.20pm, Essex Police said the University of Essex had been evacuated after a separate report of a suspicious package. In a statement released on Twitter, the Scottish school said: “Under advice from Police Scotland, a number of buildings on the main University campus have been evacuated as a precautionary measure after a suspicious package was found in the University’s mailroom. Police are dealing with the matter and we will provide regular updates.”At present, the following buildings have been closed: Boyd Orr Building, Mailroom, the OTC (Officer Training Corps) building next to it, Wolfson Medical Building, Bower Building, Isabella Elder Building, James McCune Smith Learning Hub site and the Joseph Black Building.”As a precautionary measure, police have advised the evacuated buildings should remain closed for the remainder of the day. As such, classes in these buildings have been cancelled for the rest of the day.”On Wednesday afternoon, an Essex Police spokeswoman said: “As a precaution we have put a 100m cordon in place and we have evacuated a section of the university and nearby buildings. We await the arrival of the Ministry of Defences’ EOD team.”It is not clear at this stage whether or not the two incidents are linked. In a separate incident, the flagship Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters in Gogarburn in Edinburgh was evacuated as police dealt with a suspicious package.It was reported this package was also discovered in the mailroom, but it later transpired this was a false alarm.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Nordmin Constructors a new Canadian full service mining EPC and EPCM company

first_imgCanada’s Nordmin Group has announced the creation of Nordmin Constructors Inc (Constructors), a company focused on providing full EPC solutions to the mining and industrial sectors across North America and around the world. Constructors joins Nordmin Engineering Ltd (Engineering) within the group. “Constructors is the manifestation of Engineering’s existing efforts in the industry, but expanded to include full construction management and general contracting services to streamline projects and improve efficency.”Now operating as a sister company rather than a division of Nordmin Engineering, Nordmin Constructors will move forward in undertaking major capital projects providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction services, coordinating all aspects of the project from construction through commissioning. “Nordmin Engineering Ltd has provided EPC and EPCM services for the last many years, stopping short of operating as a full general contractor. However, with changes in the industry it is clear to us that the mining and industrial sectors need a company like Nordmin Constructors that can efficiently execute projects from start to finish, maintaining focus, safety, budget and schedule. Our focus is efficiency and fit for project solutions, not maximising our hours and fees on a project,” says Chris Dougherty, Chairman of the Nordmin Group.Nordmin Constructors Inc will be led by Mining Industry veteran Micheal Mayhew, formerly Vice-President, Operations with AMC Contractors and Dumas Mining. With 25 years or more of experience in construction and contracting around the world, Mike’s leadership will prove invaluable in guiding the company going forward. “This is a very exciting development for me and for the Nordmin Group. We are building on the 14 years of effort at Nordmin Engineering and have many opportunities before us to make Nordmin Constructors a major player and provide the mining and industrial sectors with a positive alternative to ‘big project team’ thinking that is both safe and efficient,” says Micheal Mayhew, President of Nordmin Constructors Inc. The Nordmin Group of Companies is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with offices in Sudbury, Ontario, Kamloops, British Columbia and Salt Lake City, Utah. The group provides engineering, construction and operational support to the mining and industrial sectors worldwide.last_img read more

IHF Super Globe 2018 Barca against Al Najma Montpellier VS Hammamet

← Previous Story Veselin Vujovic wants Milic and Ocvirk in Nis Next Story → THW Kiel’s pre-season lesson for SG Flensburg IHF Super Globe 2018 will be held in Doha, Qatar, between October 16 and 19. Eight best teams from various continents will meet at Duhail Handball hall to decide about the “world’s best”.Here is the schedule:Day 11/4 de final – 16/10/2018Match 1 FC Barcelona (ESP) – Al-Najma (BRN)Match 2 Montpellier AHB (FRA) – Hammamet (TUN)Match 3 Taubate FAB Unitau (BRA) – Füchse Berlin (GER)Match 4 Al Sadd (QAT) – Sydney Uni HC (AUS)Day 2 1/2 finale – 17/10/2018Loser Match 3 – Loser match 4Loser match 1 – Loser match 2Winner match 3 – Winner match 4Winner match 1 – Winner match 2Day 3 – Final Day– 19/10/2018Final places 7/8Final places 5/6Final places 3/4FinalPHOTO: IHF IHF Super Globe 2018 read more

Review Switch Lightings liquidfilled Switch60 LED bulb

first_imgIt was a little over a year ago that Wired ran an article about the future of the light bulb. The feature covered a liquid-filled bulb made by a California-based startup, marking the first time most people heard about Switch Lighting Company. Eventually word spread, not to point where Switch became a household name, but enough that a smattering of geeks know who these guys are. Now, after about a year of delays, the liquid-filled bulbs are finally about to hit the market. We’re not quite at the release date yet, but it’s close enough that I’ve had a chance to test one out.The Switch60, a 60W-equivalent LED bulb is the same model I demoed last year and what will likely be the mainstay of the company’s lineup. It produces 800 lumens, has a CRI (color accuracy) rating above 80, and consumes 12W. It should last for at least 25,000 hours of operation and has a color temperature of 2700K, which translates into warm white light. The Switch60 is a standard A19 size, works in existing sockets in any orientation, and is should qualify for Energy Star certification. In other words, the Switch60 was designed to be the perfect replacement bulb.The defining feature of the Switch bulb is its liquid cooling system, which the company calls LQD. Filling the bulb with liquid silicone does a lot of things for Switch but, most importantly, it makes for a serious amount of cooling. With better cooling than a normal bulb Switch is able to get more heat away from the LEDs, which means that their lamps can use more LEDs or higher powered ones. This isn’t really an issue for 40W- and 60W-equivalent models, but it allows Switch to have a 100W-equivalent (1600 lumen) replacement bulb that is not over-sized.If you are curious about the LQD cooling system here is the quick-and-dirty explainer on how it works: The liquid silicone inside the bulb cools the parts through convection. In practice this means that the warmer liquid rises away from the heat source, while the cooler does the opposite. The convection happens because the liquid expands — you would not have convection without buoyancy. To account for expansion within a fixed volume the bulb has a compensation piston which moves in and out to adjust for changes in temperature and pressure. All that to cool 10 little LEDs…Through some clever engineering — all of which has been patented — Switch was able to create a liquid-cooled bulb that operates at -4° F TO 113° F, can be placed in an enclosure, and doesn’t turn into a bomb when it gets hot (and the fluid expands). Some of the downsides are that the bulb weighs a hefty 10 ounces and that it’s expensive to produce, but more on that later..I first tested out the Switch60 in a light fixture that is nothing more than a socket and a cord — given just how good this bulb looks, I didn’t want to hide it behind a shade. Once it was powered on the first thing I noticed is that the light is truly omnidirectional. This isn’t too easy to pull off with (directional) LEDs, but the placement of the 10 emitters inside the bulb allows it to get close to the light pattern of an incandescent. The light is the brightest around the equator, which means eye-level placement is not ideal, but the overall pattern is good.The Switch60 I tried was clear though a frosted version will be available as well. The clear exterior can look impressive under certain circumstances, but it does allow for visible hot spots on the bulb and can create multiple shadows in the room. This is an inherent issue with using more than one light source and while I never found it to be a problem, the aesthetes amongst us might be more picky. That said, it does seem like a shame to hide the interior of the Switch behind a frosted surface or a lamp shade.I don’t have any testing equipment that would allow me to quantify CRI, lumens, or other bulb characteristics, so I simply used the Switch60 and compared it to my arsenal of LED bulbs (from Philips, Sylvania, GE, Lighting Science, and others). On the whole I was really happy with the performance of the Switch60. Personally I like the color of the light — I could see it being a bit warm for some people, but this comes down to personal preference. The Switch60 did not make the inside of my apartment seem dingy or oddly colored (the marks of a low CRI bulb) and the pattern of light was in keeping with what I’d expect from an omnidirectional bulb. I did find the bright spots around the middle to be bothersome if the bulb was in an uncovered fixture, but this was not an issue when it was behind a shade.It should go without saying at this point, but the Switch60 had no problems with the basics: it powered on without a delay, worked upside down, was fine in a recessed fixture (a high hat), didn’t generate a considerable amount of heat, and it lasted for my entire testing period, though it was far, far, under 25,000 hours.My power meter put the power consumption of the Switch60 consistently at 10W, which is actually a bit below the “12W (typical)” that Switch’s material says it’s rated at. This puts the actual lumens per watt at 80, which is a great number for a consumer bulb.Light pattern – in theoryLight pattern – in practiceAbove is a chart from Switch’s documentation and then an actual shot of the bulb’s light pattern. (NB: The lower image was edited, but only the levels were adjusted. This was done to make the pattern more apparent.) You can make out the upside-down heart pattern, once you account for the bounce-back off the wall on the right. You can also note the presence of shadow patterns at the bottom of the shot. The multiple shadows are more clear on the ceiling.At this point Switch’s bulbs offer something that clearly stands out in the marketplace. At $50-60 they will be more expensive than the competition, but they have advantages that other companies do not. Foremost amongst these is that the Switch LED bulb is a stunning product when it’s off (the light quality is great when it’s powered on as well, but it’s not alone in this). This might not make a difference if you plan to put the bulb behind a shade, but if you run a restaurant or hotel you can’t ruin its interior design by having bright yellow bulbs in every socket that is not powered up. This sort of buyer will happily reap the lower total cost of ownership of LED bulbs while paying a sizable premium for Switch’s design.While that $50-60 expected price tag will make the Switch60 a non-starter for many people, the company has noted that they expect to release a sub-$20 bulb some time in 2013.The story is different for home buyers. While the design-minded and a small spectrum of geeks will appreciate what Switch has done, they will find the upfront costs to be harder to swallow. With high quality LED bulbs starting at considerably less than the Switch60 — under $20 in some cases — the argument for the Switch isn’t as easy to make for the individual. At this point the Switch will appeal to people who love the design and are willing to buy a premium product, or people that are really picky about their light quality and believe Switch is sufficiently ahead of the competition.Ultimately I was really happy with having the Switch60 in my home. I wasn’t able to keep it uncovered where everyone could walk by and gaze in wonder at it, but it provided very nice light in the bedroom where 2700K is an ideal fit for nighttime reading. Would my life be a whole lot worse if I had an extra $25 in my pocket and another brand’s LED bulb in that lamp? No, not at all, but that doesn’t mean Switch isn’t on to something. The hope is that their superior cooling technology will enable them drop prices faster than the competition and get a 1600 lumen, A19-sized bulb out before them as well. That might be easier said than done, given Switch’s delays and the very high starting price they have to deal with, but at least the company is starting off with a novel product.The Switch40, Switch60, Switch75, and Switch100 are not currently available, but the clear version of the 60 and 75 should be available in some time in October at select retailers. The Switch40 will be available in a frosted version (to account for its surplus of lumens) within that timeframe as well.For more LED reading check out my book, LED Lighting: A Primer to Lighting the Future. It’s available from O’Reilly (DRM-free), Amazon, iBooks, and others.last_img read more

Human and insect vision combined to create new wideangle lens

first_imgThe human eye is incredible in many ways. Look through any camera and you’ll see that no matter how big the lens or how clever the processor, it has trouble competing against those two little spheres on the front of your face and the four-or-so pounds of grey matter behind them. As great as our eyes are, other species have some distinct advantages. Researchers are now trying to harness some of those advantages, specifically those of insects, in new types of lenses.A new lense, developed at Ohio State University, is said to be able to combine the strengths of the human eye with that of an insect’s. Humans, OSU points out, have eyes that are very good at focusing, while insects’ compound eyes are generally known for their wide-angle viewing. There are many different types of insects and different types of insect eyes, but a common trait is the uses of multiple lenses whose images are later combined into a single image by the brain. There are many advantages to a compound eye structure — aside from looking incredibly cool, there can be advantages in low light, that huge field of view, and the ability to recognize changes more quickly than other eye types. The downsides to compound eyes usually include decreased resolution and focusing abilities.OSU’s Yi Zhao’s goal was to combined  the human eye’s ability to focus with the insect eye’s wide-angle viewing in order to produce a new type of lens. He accomplished this using a transparent polymer with “a gelatinous fluid” inside of it. This fluid is described as being just like that goop inside the human eye. The lens, seen below, is actually a combination of nine microlenses, which don’t exactly look like a fly’s eye, but as the fluid moves and the individual domes expand and contract, the effect is the same.One major advantage of this lens system is that it has no moving parts. Instead, its adjustments are made by the fluid’s effect on the flexible structure. The lack of moving parts — such as lens elements — mean that the insect-inspired lens can be smaller, simpler, and lighter than a standard lens would be. This could make it ideal for specialty applications, such as in a mobile phone, a laparoscope, or any device that needs to be able to take a bump.One considerable downside of the current design of Zhao’s lens can be viewed in the image above. In order to control the fluid and thus focus the lens, an external reservoir is needed in which the fluid is stored. In a commercial product, the fluid storage and pumping (which was done by hand for the prototype’s testing) would have to be addressed in a more elegant, more compact manner. The next steps for Zhao and his team are to work on these refinements while shrinking down the lens to a size that can be used in a mobile phone.Interestingly, this isn’t the only lens project that is trying to learn from the wide world of insect eyesight. A camera system is being developed by the University of Illinois that also hopes to use the compound eye structure in order to have a nearly 180-degree field of view.[images by Jo McCulty, courtesy of Ohio State University] VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Insect Lens 3Insect Lens 3Insect Lens 2zhaolens1last_img read more

Betty Exintaris and the Florina choir bring Stavros Xarhakos melodies to life

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Glen Eira Council Hall boasted an audience of over 500 people, who gathered to enjoy a special concert by Betty Exintaris and the Florina Choir, courtesy of the Sarristavros family and Moka Foods in memory of their late mother and prominent member of the Greek Australian community Maria Sarristavros.The two hour concert event took place on Sunday 19 May, taking the audience’s breath away with the legendary Stavros Xarhakos’ music.Soloist Stavroula Thomopoulou and cellist Laura Tcheupdjian accompanied Betty Exintaris who was on the piano, Achilles Yiangouli with the guitar and on vocals, while bouzouki masters Iakovos Papadopoulos and Nikolaos Koutsaliotis as well as Wayne Simmons on the bass and the accordion gave a lifetime performanceThe event was sponsored by 3XY and Ta Nea.last_img read more

Nevada becomes one of Trumps big hopes for swing state win

first_imgLAS VEGAS — Russ Wheeler bears the financial scars of Nevada’s lost decade, and he hopes Donald Trump can heal them.He worked for a Las Vegas roofing company when the real estate bust crushed the state’s economy. He took two pay cuts before getting laid off. He had to commute into the California desert to find work after that. Wheeler considers himself one of the lucky ones. He was able to build up enough savings to retire, but even now his wife had her teaching hours reduced at a community college, dramatically reducing their household’s income.“It’ll be better with Trump because he’ll bring the jobs back,” Wheeler, 66, said as he stopped by a Republican Party office to scoop up some “Make America Great Again” yard signs and bumper stickers. “Everybody I know is a Trump supporter. He resonates well in Nevada.”Nevada is the most diverse battleground state. On paper, it should be secure for Democrats. But there are enough people like Wheeler, still rattled by the recession and frustrated about other things, to make it one of Trump’s best swing states.last_img read more

FTC Clarifies Native Ad Policy in Statement

first_img Finally, the FTC statement warned that all paid endorsements must be accompanied by a clear disclosure of the connection between the endorser and the seller of the product or service. Accompanying the policy statement, the FTC released a guide designed to help businesses comply with its native advertising policy. One interesting note in the “Clarity of Meaning” subsection reveals that the FTC discourages publishers from using terms such as “promoted” or “promoted stories,” saying their meanings are ambiguous. “If the source of advertising is clear, consumers can make informed decisions about whether to interact with the advertising and the weight to give the information conveyed in the ad,” the FTC statement said. “People browsing the web, using social media, or watching videos have a right to know if they’re seeing editorial content or an ad,” said Jessica Rich, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, in a statement. Advertisements that appear in a “news format” or that “otherwise misrepresent their source or nature,” specifically, those lacking a clear and readily noticeable “ADVERTISEMENT” disclosure label, can be easily seen as deceptive and in violation of FTC policy, the statement said. The statement references one recent case in which the FTC found a native advertising format in which consumers accessed “fake news websites” by clicking on ads “presented as attention-getting news headlines” to be deceptive despite the presence of a small-print “Advertorial” label. Not just labeling and disclosures, but delivery method, target audience and overall appearance are all factors that can determine whether or not an advertisement is deceptive, the FTC said. In response to the announcement, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released its own statement, praising the FTC’s overall effort to provide industry guidance but questioning the ambiguity of the policy, citing concerns that it could run against long-standing advertising conventions and violate constitutional provisions protecting commercial speech. “We take the Commission’s final note to be a sign that enforcement in the native advertising space is not far behind this announcement,” Weltman continued. Last week, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a statement clarifying its policy on native advertising, particularly those advertisements it defines as “deceptively formatted” to mislead consumers. Publishers have increasingly come to rely on native advertising—that is, advertisements designed to look and feel similar to a platform’s editorial content—as a source of revenue as audiences continue to adopt ad-blocking and other behaviors aimed at achieving an ad-limited experience. Arguing that—like any other form of advertising—native advertisements should be identifiable as such to consumers, the FTC laid out the elements it said determine whether an ad is being “materially misleading” about its commercial nature, primarily by citing previous applicable policy decisions in other forms of media. The second discouraged form of advertising described in the FTC statement involves the solicitation of consumers in order to sell goods or services without clearly disclosing the purpose. While this does not appear directly related to native advertising, the FTC does go on to describe how such a policy applies to e-mail marketing. “While guidance serves great benefit to the industry, it must also be technically feasible, creatively relevant, and not stifle innovation,” said Brad Weltman, IAB’s VP of public policy. “To that end, we have reservations about some elements of the Commision’s Guidance. In particular, the section on ‘clarity of meaning’ in native advertising disclosures is overly prescriptive, especially absent any compelling evidence to justify some terms over others.” The IAB said its Native Advertising Task Force will convene with its Public Policy Council on January 5 to discuss the FTC announcement and provide formal comments.last_img read more

More Marines Would Be Optimal Review Finds

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR A new force structure assessment has concluded that the Marine Corps ideally could grow by 8,000 troops, but the service still plans on operating with an end strength of 182,000 Marines.“The path we’re on is to go to 182,000 Marines,” Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, commander of Marine Corps Combat Development Command, told “That’s what we’re going to be funded for; that’s what we’re allowed to do by Congress. But in a perfect world … we came up with about 190,000; that is the optimized force,” Walsh said.The increase would help the service keep up with a high pace of operations, and the need to expand its cyber and technological capabilities.A 2010 force structure assessment found the ideal size for the Marine Corps was 186,800. At the time, the service was planning to draw down its forces from a wartime peak of 202,000. The latest review follows a series of war games that tried various unit sizes and battlefield strategies, according to the story.The service’s leaders have no plans to request an expansion to its optimized level.“We didn’t say, ‘Let’s go to Congress and say we want that.’ Somebody may give that to us as we go to the next administration and take a hard look or the operating environment might drive us,” Walsh said. “What we’ll be able to do is if somebody says, ‘Hey, if you’ve got some money, got more force structure, what would you buy?’ We now have conducted a force structure assessment that would allow us to do that,” he explained.last_img read more

WASHINGTON TO WILMINGTON The Latest News From Moulton Markey  Warren

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below is the latest news from the offices of Congressman Seth Moulton, Senator Ed Markey, and Senator Elizabeth Warren.Congressman Seth MoultonRecent Press Releases and Statements from Congressman Moulton’s Office:NoneSenator Ed MarkeyRecent Press Releases and Statements from Senator Markey’s Office:Senator Markey on Trump-Kim Summit: Loopholes in Signed Agreement Are Big Enough to Fly Nuclear Missiles ThroughSenators Markey, Lee and Reps. Eshoo, LoBiondo Call on the FCC to Protect Americans From Unwanted Robocalls and Robotexts from Debt CollectorsSenator Markey Blasts AT&T-Time Warner Merger Ruling: We Should Not Fuel Merger ManiaSenator Elizabeth WarrenRecent Press Releases and Statements from Senator Warren’s Office:Warren, Rubio Introduce Bill to Protect Jobs for Workers who Fall Behind on Student Loan PaymentsWarren Bipartisan Bill To Combat Opioid Crisis with E-Prescriptions Passes Senate Finance CommitteeLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWASHINGTON TO WILMINGTON: The Latest News From Moulton, Markey & WarrenIn “Government”WASHINGTON TO WILMINGTON: The Latest From Moulton, Markey & WarrenIn “Government”WASHINGTON TO WILMINGTON: The Latest from Moulton, Markey & WarrenIn “Government”last_img read more

BUSINESS BRIEF Wilmingtons Ametros Launches First Of Its Kind CareGuard Mobile App

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Ametros recently released its CareGuard Mobile App, which is the first custom mobile app created specifically to help individuals injured in workers’ compensation and personal liability cases manage their medical settlement funds and Medicare Set Asides after settlement.Thousands of injured individuals use the company’s comprehensive professional administration service, CareGuard, in which Ametros sets up a custodial bank account for an injured party’s medical settlement funds and helps them with all their ongoing medical needs. The injured person becomes a member of CareGuard and Ametros reviews all their bills, applies network discounts, pays the bills on their behalf, and handles all required Medicare reporting.Ametros’ new CareGuard Mobile App provides the member with real-time, secure access into their bill details, savings and account balance, anywhere, anytime on a mobile phone or other device. The app enables members to:Access a digital member cardSee real-time account balanceView savings from Ametros’ network discountsTrack spending trendsView transaction history in detail“We recognize that consumers expect real-time access and transparency into their accounts and transactions via secure online and mobile applications. Anything less is simply inadequate in today’s world,” said Ametros CTO George Slaterpryce.For years, CareGuard members have been able to use computers to access their accounts via a website portal and the app delivers even more convenience. “Now, they can monitor transactions anywhere and have the card on their phones,” Slaterpryce added.Ametros has set the standard for professional administration in workers’ compensation and liability settlements by being the first to provide savings through medical networks and pharmacy discounts, to have Care Advocates available to answer questions 24/7, and to use technology to make professional administration affordable and convenient.“We are dedicated to continually improving our members’ experience and this app is the next step in helping injured people manage their future medical funds, save money and live happier, healthier lives,” added Ametros President, Porter Leslie.Members can download the free CareGuard Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play.About Ametros Ametros is the industry leader in post-settlement medical administration and a trusted partner for thousands of members receiving funds from workers’ compensation and liability settlements. Founded in 2010, Ametros provides post-settlement medical management services with significant medical and pharmacy discounts along with automated payment technology and Medicare reporting tools. Headquartered just north of Boston in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Ametros may be reached at 877-275-7415 or via The above press release is from Ametros via BusinessWire.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington’s Ametros Announces 2 Hires: Vice President of Pharmacy & Managed Care, Director of Clinical SolutionsIn “Business”BUSINESS BRIEF: Wilmington’s Ametros Announces Promotion Of Nicole Sauk To Chief Financial OfficerIn “Business”BUSINESS BRIEF: Wilmington’s Ametros Appoints Paul Sighinolfi As Senior Managing DirectorIn “Business”last_img read more

Paranoid cybersecurity pro on vacation thwarts cardstealing scammers

first_imgSome might call you paranoid, but who cares. You’re taping up your webcam in the name of security, and you’re checking the ATMs you use to spot skimmers. At least, you should be. If you’re not, then you could very well be a fraud ring’s next victim — but we’ve established that’s not you, right? You’re ever-vigilant like Benjamin Tedesco, and your Spider-sense will save yourself — and a lot of other people — a whole lot of headaches.Tedesco, who is part of the elite cybersecurity team at Carbon Black, was vacationing in Venice this month. Like a lot of tourists, he needed to hit an ATM to withdraw a little local currency. Rather than just whipping out his bank card and jamming it carelessly into the machine, he took a moment to do a quick visual inspection. It’s a good thing he did, too, because Tedesco immediately noticed that there was something fishy about the card reader. There was a bit of glue residue around its perimeter, which was enough to arouse his suspicions. He grabbed hold, gave it a tug, and off it came.Apart from the giveaway glue, the skimmer was a perfect match for actual card reader it was obscuring. Being the responsible guy that he is, he recorded the whole thing to share with the rest of us — and further stoke the fires of justified paranoia.Tedesco didn’t stop with a video warning for the rest of us to heed. When another tourist approached the adjacent machine, he jumped in before she had a chance to insert her card and gave the reader a good tug to make sure it was legit. Well done, sir!last_img read more

Llama dung contributed to Inca success in the Andes

first_imgImage: Johann Dréo/Wikipedia Ancient Peruvian site forces experts to re-think past Alex Chepstow-Lusty from the French Institute of Andean Studies in Lima has spent the last few years analyzing mud samples from a small lake located between the jungle and Machu Picchu. By analyzing a 6.3 meter long core sample taken from the lake bottom, Chepstow-Lusty and his team discovered a correlation between a spike in the number of mites and maize pollen 2700 years ago. These mites feed on animal excrement and the researchers believe that the use of llama dung as a fertilizer was what enabled the Incas to grow corn in their high altitude location.Llamas were used as a source of meat and wool, as well as used to carry items. Llamas defecate communally, so it was an easily collectable source of natural fertilizer. This use of natural fertilizer aided in the maize crops thriving and allowed the Incas to move away from their dependence on wild quinoa and increase their caloric intake with maize.Other researchers, such as Christine Hastorf from the University of California, Berkeley argue that the argument for fertilization has not yet been proven. While this new research does show an increase in mites and llama dung, there is no evidence to show it was used as a fertilizer. She points out that plants that are fertilized with animal manure have a higher nitrogen isotopic signature. In order to show a connection between the two, she believes there needs to be studies done on ancient plant remains and the bones from the ancient Inca people in the area. ( — The famous Inca city of Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes was rediscovered by American explorer Hiram Bingham in July 1911 and the area plans to hold a special 100 year celebration this year. However, the famous city and the Inca civilization have already hit the spotlight in a new study published in Antiquity that links the use of llama dung to the Inca success in high altitude agriculture. Citation: Llama dung contributed to Inca success in the Andes (2011, May 23) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Agro-pastoralism and social change in the Cuzco heartland of Peru: a brief history using environmental proxies, by Alex Chepstow‑Lusty, Volume: 85  Number: 328  Page: 570–582. © 2010 PhysOrg.comlast_img read more

Zoolz Dual Cloud 1TB Storage Provides You With Storage And Security Features

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Its back Sunquests Sun Deal rewards agents with Loyalty Points

first_img Posted by Share Tags: Sunquest It’s back! Sunquest’s Sun Deal rewards agents with Loyalty Points << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img MISSISSAUGA – Sunquest’s ever popular ‘Sun Deal’ is back to the delight of travel agents, who can now earn up to $100 in Loyalty Points simply by booking with the tour operator.This offer is valid on all new Sunquest package bookings made between Oct. 3-31, 2016, for travel anytime, from any gateway, to any destination and for any duration. Once a booking is complete, agents go online to, enter a valid booking number and play to win.Bonus points can range between 2X and 20X Loyalty Points, which can then be redeemed for gift cards and more, valued up to $100. The more agents book, the more they can play and win.For more details go to Tuesday, October 4, 2016 The Canadian Press last_img read more

Traffic Police warn of increase in motorcycle deaths

first_imgAccording to the Traffic Police, 53 motorcyclists died in traffic accidents in Costa Rica during the first five months of 2014, an increase of 19 deaths – or 56 percent – over the same period last year.New Traffic Police Director Mario Calderón Cornejo said motorcycle safety would be a priority for his agency in coming months, and he urged bikers to take more precautions.“We repeteadly see at every accident scene how victims often were driving without a helmet and died from fatal head trauma. We also have seen several cases where more than two people  were traveling on a motorcycle,” Calderón said.From January to May, Traffic Police issued 1,500 tickets to motorcycle drivers mostly for not wearing a helmet, running red lights and participating in drag races. During surveillance operations at sites frequently used for these illegal races, officers seized 232 motorcycles.Calderón said it is common for motorcyclists to disregard Costa Rica’s Traffic Law by transporting more than one passenger, failing to use headlights during the day, failing to use reflective vests and transporting children under 5.Costa Rica’s top traffic cop called on bikers who use their motorcycle for work, such as messengers and delivery drivers, to not overload them with large packages that might block visibility or whose weight can destabilize balance.Passing on the right, driving on sidewalks, crossing in front of moving vehicles, switching lanes and running red lights are among the frequent reckless behavior that causes accidents, Calderón said. Facebook Comments Related posts:It’s time to reduce motorcyclist fatalities in Costa Rica, says Roadway Safety Council Pedestrian fatalities in Costa Rica currently outnumber drunk driving deaths Traffic fatalities up in Costa Rica Deaths on Costa Rica roads reach new recordlast_img read more

Air NZ naked campaign takes top award

first_imgAir New Zealand’s “Nothing to Hide” campaign has continued to turn heads, the campaign receiving a prestigious accolade in the Marketing Association’s RSVP and Nexus Awards last week.The campaign, which featured naked Air NZ staff with body-painted uniforms and was developed by ad agency .99, won the RSVP Grand Prix award for response-driven marketing.Judges pointed out that the carrier faced specific challenges during the time of the campaign such as swine flu, fluctuating fuel prices and low-cost carrier Jetstar entering the market.Such challenges made it ever more important that people understood the difference between Air NZ’s fully-inclusive fares and those of lower cost, non-inclusive carriers.However, the campaign’s personal and target message and use of traditional and non-traditional media saw it being viewed worldwide.”It was very brave, at a time of huge challenge for the airlines but they stayed true to their brand,” the Marketing Association’s Sue McCarty told TVNZ.”They had TV campaigns running, they had internet initiatives running, they had strong use of YouTube video. It was so much fun, it was very unexpected.” <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Source = e-Travel Blackboard: J.Llast_img read more

Hurricane Sandy StormSurge Risk Estimated at 88B

first_img October 29, 2012 433 Views in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Share Data from “”CoreLogic””: shows nearly 284,000 properties (representing almost $88 billion) located in the coastal Mid-Atlantic states may be at risk of storm-surge damage from Hurricane Sandy.[IMAGE]Based on early projections of Sandy’s path, eight major metro areas in the Mid-Atlantic region–including New York, Philadelphia, and Boston–are at risk. More than 238,000 total properties valued at nearly $75 billion stand at risk in those cities alone, CoreLogic says.CoreLogic explained that storm surges occur when water gathers inside a cyclonic storm–a hurricane, for example–and is pushed along the front of the storm by high winds. Because storm-surge inundation is classified as a separate hazard from typical fresh-water flooding, many homeowners located outside of designated flood hazard zones don’t realize they’re at risk of storm-surge damage, CoreLogic says. Historically, these homeowners refrain from buying flood insurance.To make matters worse, there is little that can be done to prevent or lessen storm-surge damage.””Wind damage to structures from hurricanes can be greatly reduced through homeowner mitigation efforts, and enhancements can be made to building codes in hurricane wind-prone areas. But on the contrary, mitigation efforts can often be almost useless against the impact of storm surge,”” the company said in its “”2012 Storm Surge report””: beyond Sandy’s impact, total storm surge risk in the United States stands at more than four million properties, with more than a quarter of that total classified in the “”Extreme”” risk category. Those properties most at risk are valued at more than $222 billion, according to CoreLogic’s estimated property values.center_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies CoreLogic Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2012-10-29 Tory Barringer Underwater,Hurricane Sandy Storm-Surge Risk Estimated at $88Blast_img read more

What an MLB source said about the Dbacks trade h

first_img What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Top Stories 0 Comments   Share   “I talked to the coaches and they were pretty much OKwith me missing the second OTA,” said Schofield. “I wasup all night, all morning.“I actually looked into my son’s eyes. My fiance, she’sHawaiian so he has green eyes. I looked into his eyes andI was like, ‘You know what, I’ve got to get to work.’ Ican never take a day off or anything off. I’ve got toprovide. I have someone to provide for now. Just to seethat, I think my motivation and my grind, I’m going towork a little bit harder.”The former fourth-round pick out of Wisconsin is alwaysamong the last players off the field each day.But these days — in addition to his son, Schofield ismotivated by playing time. This season, he’s expected tostart at one of the two outside linebacker positions inthe Cardinals 3-4 defense.“I mean that’s my mind-set. I think everyone comes outhere to prepare to be a starter,” said Schofield, who iscurrently running with the first team opposite Sam Acho onthe other side. “Each day I’ve been trying to get betterand perfect my craft.”Schofield, after missing nearly half his rookie seasonrecovering from a torn ACL in his left knee, respondedwith a strong sophomore campaign. He played in all 16games in 2011, registering 4.5 sacks — including three inthe final five games. Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away O’Brien Schofield is smiling.Then again, he’s always smiling: on the field, off thefield.But this smile is different.The Cardinals third-year linebacker was just congratulatedon the birth of his son, eliciting a wide smile and theproverbial sparkle in the eyes.Judea Anthony Schofield was born a week ago Wednesday inthe early morning hours of May 23rd.A short time later, the brand new father returned to thepractice field, refusing to miss even a minute of theteam’s second OTA of the offseason. “That’s what I did really well in college,” Schofield saidof pressuring the quarterback. “I started coming along myfirst two years in the league and this year I’m ready toput it all together.”Over the offseason, Schofield underwent surgery on bothshoulders. He said he had his labrum and rotator cuffworked on in his left shoulder “and then my right one justneeded some cleanup.”Finally healthy, Schofield is expecting big things fromhimself in 2012.“I’m not going to give no sack number but (Adrian Wilson)has told me he needs at least 10 so I would like to getabove 10 or more. That’s what I’m working for.”Schofield had 12 sacks his senior year at Wisconsin, butthe Cardinals haven’t had a player reach double figures inthat category since Bertrand Berry tallied 14.5 in 2004.With his goals set, Schofield knows there’s no time torest, which is a good thing with a one-week-old baby athome.“I’m happy that we’re only practicing three days a weekright now so that really helps me recoup on the weekends.” – / 33last_img read more