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Mangala reveals controversial fuel price formula

The Minister however noted that Sri Lanka imposes a smaller tax compared to other countries. (Colombo Gazette)Download (PDF, 1.45MB) Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera revealed the controversial fuel price formula to the media today.He said the maximum retail price is based on four factors, namely landing cost, processing cost, administrative cost and taxation. The Minister said that imposing taxes on fuel is a process followed in other countries as well.He said that taxes are needed to offer other concessions to the general public.

Dragan Gajic on betting scandal Shameful campaign against my name

The chaos regarding the Montpellier illegal betting and fixing scandal did not go past the right wing of the club, the Slovenian Dragan Gajic, besides the best scorer in the suspected match with 10 goals. After the public lynch that goes for days, the Slovenian player decided to communicate to the public through the Slovenian Handball Federation:– In the past few days there are allegations without any ground against me, that is blackening my name and honour. In the court in Montpellier I claimed that absolutely in no way I am involved in match fixing between Cesson-Rennes and Montpellier. I believe I behaved in sportive and ethical manner. In that game I defended the colours of my team in best possible way, so the allegations against me are unjustful. In my favour goes the fact that I scored 10 goals from 12 shots. One of the best statistics for me last season. Specialists are watched the game did not find any irregularities. With the help my lawyer I will prove that I am not involved in anything. My only wish is to defend my honour and to get back on court as soon as possible. – said Gajic. ← Previous Story Italian title for the top team Facebook followers goes to….Lazio! Next Story → Magdeburg extends contracts with van Olphen and Weber Cesson-RennesDragan GajićgajicrennesSloveniaslovenian handball federation read more