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Speaker explores Catholic stance on climate change

first_imgCarolyn Woo, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), spoke of the need for responsibility and action in regards to climate change during her keynote address at the Notre Dame Climate Investing Conference on Wednesday. The conference, which began on Tuesday, focused on carbon energy reduction and opportunities for investing in environmentally-friendly technology.Woo’s lecture was largely concentrated on Pope Francis’ recent encyclical and how businesses have to react in order to align with the Vatican’s stance on climate change. She said people should feel the need to view and care for the Earth as “our common home.”“We are expected to praise God with our own life. To return thanks and return blessings. To acknowledge what we have received from this garden,” Woo said.Woo said the goal of her work at CRS, a non-profit organization, has been to provide for the poor and suffering throughout the world. As a result, Woo said she has seen the effect climate change has on the poor.Woo pointed in particular to the effects of one poor rainfall season in Ethiopia, which threatened the nation’s food supply. An estimated 40 million people will face food insecurity because of this drought, she said.The poor of the world, those who are most dependent on living off the land, will be most affected by climate change, Woo said. For this reason, she said she believes the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor to be “the same phenomenon.”Woo also discussed the role of business in the struggle against climate change. She contested the idea that the pope is against business, instead arguing that he is opposed only to the abuses and exploitation by businesses.“The pope is against idolatry, which is putting profits ahead of people,” Woo said.Woo said she has seen first-hand the effect of this idolatry during her time at CRS, recalling a trip to an Ethiopian flower farm that serviced big box stores in places like the United States.On this farm, the terrible working conditions and the lack of regulations on the air concentration caused workers to develop cancer at an extremely high rate, according to Woo. These types of “unethical predatory practices” by businesses sacrifice the health of the workers for the sake of profits, she said.However, Woo said business and greater environmental consciousness are not mutually exclusive. Business can still be “a noble vocation” if companies can make a conscious effort to create positive environmental change, she said.Woo pointed out the falsity of the common belief that energy use and economic growth are correlated by considering Germany’s recent economic growth without a similar increase in energy consumption. Woo said she believes this will provide an example to businesses, proving that companies can be both climate smart and business smart.Woo said the fight for climate change activists will not always be easy and help may not come from the government or other expected sources.“We don’t have permission to give up,” she said. “We just have to try different ways.”Woo closed by asking people to stop writing off climate change as a problem they can do nothing about.“There is a problem, and it is my problem,” Woo said. “And yes, there is something I can do about it.”Tags: Carolyn Woo, catholic relief services, Climate change, climate investing conference, CRSlast_img read more

Suspended Kotoko striker Yahaya Mohammed shows remorse

first_imgThe 26-year-old forward has regretted going to Libya to sign a pre-contract with a club without the blessing of the Porcupine Warriors and has been slapped with suspension.Ghana giants Asante Kotoko have suspended striker Yahaya Mohammed indefinitely for going AWOL to sign a pre-contract with Al Ittihad Tripoli.A three-member committee set up by the Porcupine Warriors to investigate the issue arrived at the decision after the player admitted his folly.The decision reads: “Following the findings of the three member committee set up to investigate your disappearance, Management in consultation with the technical team has suspended you, indefinitely. The decision of the management to suspend you indefinitely is grounded on the following:“You (Yahaya Mohammed) in your own evidence admitted that it was wrong for you not to have sought permission to travel to Libya.“Your evidence before the committee confirmed that you signed a pre-contract for Iittihad Tripoli club of Libya. “For this reasons, you will receive half of your salary at the end of the month till your suspension period is over with effect from March 2014.”The 26-year-old’s contract ends by the close of the season.Meanwhile, he said he has regretted his actions and has advised his team-mates to take a cue from it.“I have regretted leaving to Libya without informing Kotoko of my intentions to sign a pre-contract with Al Ittihad. This is a lesson other players should learn something from as they progress in their football career, because I am a bit fortunate with the punishment inflicted on me by the club and they might not be that lucky if they do the same,” the former OGC Nice player told Angel FM.last_img read more