Untimely rain leaves farmers worried

first_imgUntimely rain accompanied by strong winds in the key wheat-growing States of Punjab and Haryana on Monday has left farmers worried as it could damage crops and delay harvesting.“Parts of Punjab and Haryana experienced rain and gusty winds this morning. There is a possibility of intermittent rain over the next two days,” said Surinder Pal, director at the India Meteorological Department, Chandigarh.Harvesting of wheat, the main rabi crop sown from late October to December, has already started in both the States but is yet to gain momentum as rain at regular intervals during the entire winter season has delayed harvesting. The wheat procurement season in Punjab and Haryana began on April 1.P.S. Rangi, an agriculture expert and former adviser to the Punjab State Farmers’ Commission, said the current spell of rain would not have damaged the standing crop extensively. “However, the crop which has already been harvested and is lying in the fields may have been damaged,” he said, adding that if overcast conditions prevail and it continues to rain in the coming days, the wheat crop would absorb the moisture and harvesting could get delayed.Punjab is expecting a bumper wheat crop touching 180 lakh tonnes this year. Last year, the wheat output was 177 lakh tonnes, according to data from the State agriculture department.‘Crops flattened’Sanju Gudeyana, a farmer leader with the Bhartiya Kisan Union in Haryana’s Yamunanagar, said rain and strong winds lashed Bilaspur, Chahrauli, Sadora and Naraingarh regions in the morning, flattening standing crops and causing extensive damage. “Farmers are at the receiving end due to this untimely rain,” he said.last_img read more

Shades of Grey

first_imgFilm festivals have become major spectacles of our times. They affect the business, culture and commerce of films. As central occasions to embrace cinema, they thrive on the hunger of cinema-lovers to nurture their tastes and passion for films. By some accounts, there are 7,000 film festivals around the world, in virtually every corner, from Bedouin tents to the glossy beaches of the French Riviera, from your own neighborhood to major cities on all continents.   I AmThe festivals influence the shaping of cultural identities, well beyond their role in forging connections between the filmmaking, marketing and finance communities. To some, that function of community building is as much a mirage as the goal of nurturing the love of cinema is overshadowed by the crass commercialism that parades at these spectacles. And yet, as major global phenomenon film festivals serve many functions: they shape how communities come together, how they reassert themselves and how they connect to their own heritage. For communities in diaspora, those attempting to find home away from home, film festivals offer spaces, opportunities for revelry, patronage of their own artists and moments of communion. This function is not unlike that served by religious or traditional festivals, which remind us who we are even in the midst of a life that rarely connects to traditional elements. Thus, in India, a film festival in Kerala celebrates films from around the world, but it also brings together the local film crowd in the name of cinema. There are film festivals in New Delhi and Mumbai, but also in Gauhati and Kanpur. Nearly every IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) has a cultural festival in which films play a major part.  Robot/Endhiran Outside India, much like other diasporic communities around the world, we have film festivals in New York, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. dedicated to films from India. This ought to be a curious development. How in the age of the cheap DVDs available in grocery stores, the large repertoire of Indian films at Netflix, the ease of online streaming services and cable/satellite channels, can we still have film festivals that prompt us to get out of our homes and onto the streets for a couple of dozen films in the midst of a work week? The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA), held from April 12-17, in Hollywood, just a few blocks from the tourist attractions of the Kodak Theater and the walk of fame had all the trimmings of film festivals — the red carpet, award, etc. It featured films you are not likely to find in your neighborhood Indian grocery store. That is the first distinguishing feature of this festival. Bollywood cinema did not figure into the festival, except in a strategic way. There was plentiful of it outside the event. A festival of Bollywood films would mean a lot less in this already crowded world of that cinema. For the most part, IFFLA is about independent cinema.   Ganesh Boy WonderThis commitment to cinema that is different from the usual fare is a strategic contribution this film festival makes to our understanding of ourselves. Programming is at the heart of the identity of a film festival. Here, the programmers, six of them, each assigned to a separate category, from shorts to documentary to feature films, provide a direction to the festival that appears to be a strategic compromise between the need to highlight talented works outside the mainstream — “India-centric” films produced by North American as well as diasporic filmmakers — and the desire to attract a broader audience to what has become a major event for the Indian community on the West Coast. Thus, there is Bollywood by Night, a series of screenings late at night, past 9 p.m., showcasing the recent favorites from the native film making industry that has become a global phenomenon. Rajnikanth’s megabuster Robot/Endhiran festival had attendees wait in long lines and forced the organizers to add extra screenings. Kiran Rao-Amir Khan’s Dhobi Ghat/Mumbai Diaries and Maneesh Sharma’s Band Baaja Baaraat/The Wedding Planner in the Bollywood by Night program brought out second generation Indians, who also made a party out of the night. Two very rich programs of short films showcased a diverse selection of films from India, film students in the U.S., as well as filmmakers from Pakistan and Canada. The broad palette suggested that programming is a strategy rather than a clear commitment to themes.  That Girl in Yellow BootsThe festival was a stage for remarkable documentary works: Phil Cox’s The Bengali Detective, Sonali Gulati’s I Am, Sweta Vohra’s Pink Chaddis, Kim Longinotto’s Pink Saris, Srinivas Krishna’s Ganesh Boy Wonder and Bill Bowles and Kenny Meehan’s Big in Bollywood. Together, the films demonstrated a mature growth of the documentary form.The festival’s core focus was represented by films like Murali Nair’s Laadli Laila (Virgin Goat), Anurag Kashyap’s That Girl in Yellow Boots, Aparna Sen’s An Unfinished Letter, Nila Madhab Panda’s I Am Kalam, Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan and Onir’s I Am. By the time the final screening of Disney’s Zokkomon arrived, the festival had captured the diversity of the overseas Indian community, reflecting its abiding interest in knowing more about India, while exploring the talents, background and the realities back home and here. Christina Marouda, executive director and the founder of IFFLA, said in an interview that the intent of the festival was to provide exposure to films “that needed a platform.”Marouda sees this festival as establishing its own “niche,” and broadening its appeal in the South Asian community. Indeed, the program included a perceptive and thoughtful short film by a Pakistani filmmaker, Iram Parveen Bilal, titled Poshak/Façade that captured the search of the inner self in the midst of a culture that demanded everything from an artist.   The Bengali DetectiveIFFLA, which Marouda claims is the “premier” Indian film festival in the U.S., maintains a strongly cosmopolitan outlook with feet firmly grounded in films from and about India. Marouda herself is a Greek immigrant, arriving in this country some 11 years ago, steering this festival for the past nine years. The other organizers of the festival are a multi-cultural bunch too; revealing how the centrality of the Indian films is nurtured and promoted by others in one of the major cities in the U.S. Marouda said the festival received nearly 400 film submissions this year, of which just 30 were included in the program. She said the festival gives “confidence that there is good quality film making in India,” the audience looks forward to the event each year and is “aided by a community-family of organizers” that is passionate about its mission. The festival’s deft programming and strategies marks it as an event that is situated in one world while speaking for many. Indian Americans aren’t all wedded to Bollywood and neither is India all about Bollywood. The diasporic community of Indians has been a vibrant component of world cinema. From Mira Nair to Gurinder Chadha and Deepa Mehta, there is a sizeable body of work by filmmakers outside of India, with their roots firmly in their home culture and their intersections with other cultures. It is by now a truism to say that there isn’t just one image of India (shining or otherwise!), but multiple images. We don’t know of any other diaspora as vibrant in cinema. In addition, Indian culture continues to form the center of artistic, cultural and political concern of filmmakers, diasporic or otherwise. IFFLA is a testimony that the community hungers for filmmakers outside Bollywood, despite all the glamor and money the industry attracts.   I Am KalamThe audience for the event included the party-crowd that headed for frankies, dosas and biryanis from the trucks parked on Sunset Boulevard in the evenings. There is something about eating a heavy meal at that late hour, particularly outside the movie theater, that ought to remind one of home. The festival organizers kept alive a loyalty through Twitter and Facebook, with posts and updates about goings-about and last minute recommendations and impulses. A soundstage outside the theater kept the hum on music and dance. Inside, stars like Gulshan Grover and Anupam Kher hobnobbed with up and coming filmmakers. For the media and for the stars themselves, there is the red carpet on the opening and closing nights. An event on this scale and of this nature is always a mixed bag. One of the common laments in festival circles is that these festivals rarely focus on the filmgoer. Instead, the festivals have become marketing and finance extravaganzas and platforms to launch films. For an “ethnic” film festival held in the filmmaking capital of the world, it is hard to resist these temptations.  Dhobi Ghat/ Mumbai Diaries Executive Director Marouda said that IFFLA has launched a film fund to “discover” and support talent with funding for their projects. It isn’t clear if this will instill a certain aesthetic that is diasporic or committed to the concerns of the community abroad. Many of the directors were introduced as “alumni” of IFFLA (Vikramaditya Motwane — Udaan and Geeta Malik — Troublemaker). If 400 filmmakers knocked on IFFLA’s door, it is clear that the choice in programming influenced the kind of films accepted here. The community needs to see this as a sign of possibilities to support good cinema that is not all song and dance and fights and bloody or sexual fantasies. The divide between the sensible or good cinema — the kind supported by film festivals and mainstream cinema — couldn’t be clearer in an encounter during a seminar organized as part of the event. Gulshan Grover, star of many Bollywood films and now in Nila Madhab Panda’s I Am Kalam, rose from the audience to ask questions of panelists that included Abhay Kumar, Nisha Ganatra and Vikramaditya Motwane. While Grover didn’t forget to emphasize his “generosity” in supporting an “alternative” film like I Am Kalam, he asked if the independent filmmakers always dream of casting a famous star in their films. His other question went further. He suggested, nonchalantly, that independent filmmakers usually have only one film in them and then burn out.   Peepli LiveIt is hard to read the minds of the filmmakers who work by raising their own funds and making their own way in the industry. The panelists, successful and brilliant in their own work, seemed hesitant to answer his questions. It was an instructive moment. It is alarming that those who have found a way to make money in mainstream cinema harbor some distaste for art that does not correspond to their own and that good work must be pursued without much support for hiring scriptwriters or cinematographers, let alone publicity machinery to promote their films. They are not looking for glamor, because that isn’t the end for the creative world. They may have more in them, but they get exhausted begging and struggling for a place in a noisy world of ruthless competition. The questions reflect, unwittingly or otherwise, a filter through which the mainstream film industry looks at filmmakers who make meaningful films, pitifully and patronizingly at the same time. The final closing night featured a world premier of Zokkomon, a live-action Disney production that boasts the first superhero based in India. The film is about to be released in India and IFFLA was the prime venue to introduce it to the overseas Indian audience. Needless to say, the house was packed for the screening. The movie features a child superhero who acquires powers that are a cross between Iron Man and Batman, mentored by a wizard with a revenge to settle against a local bad man. The film opens in a Disney-like amusement park, with a song-and-dance routine that demonstrated how perfect the marriage between Bollywood and Hollywood has become. It was hard to discern they were two different, separate worlds.  Band Baaja Baraat/ The Wedding Planner The film offers villains and side characters that belong to both soils at the same time, blending one into another. There’s that kicking-the-behind capacity of the superhero and the swift, dramatic resolution of evil deeds to assure us that we are watching a symbiosis of the two worlds. But that was the least disturbing feature of the evening and the film will no doubt do very well. The alarming aspect came in the introductory remarks by Jason Reed, executive vice president and general manager of Walt Disney Studios International Productions who announced that Disney would soon launch a new brand this summer called Disney World Cinema. Of course, Disney will do what Disney does best. But the idea that Disney will now produce films from around the world, reproducing heroes and formulas that have been established in the West and then market their own stories to people of different cultures is abnormal. No one can accuse Disney of being subtle. But the ease with which we subscribe to this idea and take pride in the claim that we are the first in making a native-planted superhero suggests that we have become so drunk by the attractions of the marketplace that native voices, independent expressions are likely to be drowned further by this coming juggernaut. The very term “Disney World Cinema” was chilling enough to warn us that cinema is about to go the same way as “world music,” catering and molding to the taste of the large markets in the West, suffocating original and native voices. It is hard to overstate the glee in Anupam Kher’s presence after the screening (he performs a dual role in the film, the hero’s mentor and the bad guy — the uncle of the child who becomes Zokkomon). It was equally hard to observe the wave of disappointment, one would guess, in the hearts of the many filmmakers in the audience, who had made meaningful films with such struggle.  Related Itemslast_img read more

Smriti Irani aide shot dead in Amethi

first_imgA former pradhan considered close to newly elected Amethi MP Smriti Irani was shot dead by unidentified assailants, the police said on Sunday.Surendra Singh, the former pradhan of Bisauli village, had actively campaigned for Ms. Irani.His family members have alleged the murder could be motivated by political rivalry in the context of the 2019 Lok Sabha election and said he had no other personal animosity.Mr. Singh was shot dead while he was sleeping in the courtyard of his residence on Saturday night, police said. His son Abhay Pratap Singh said he was shot in the head. The victim was rushed to Jais but since there was no doctor to attend him he was then taken to Rae Bareli from where he was referred to the trauma centre in Lucknow where he was declared dead.Abhay Pratap said his father was active and “fearless” in the election campaign and suspects that “some Congress supporters, unruly elements” did not like him celebrating the victory of the BJP. “They had a grudge. We do suspect some people,” said Abhay Pratap.The village was one of the Adarsh Sansad Grams and after the victory the pradhan had taken out a vijay yatra. Uttar Pradesh DGP O.P. Singh said so far seven persons have been detained for questioning and some important clues have been found through electronic surveillance.“We are looking at all angles. We have come to know of some old animosity, if there is something political, we are trying to find out that,” said Mr. Singh.The top cop said three teams had been deployed and expressed confidence the case would be solved in 12 hours, a deadline issued by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.IG Lucknow was dispatched to the ground for monitoring. The State has deployed three companies of PAC to maintain law and order in the village. Ms. Irani flew down to Lucknow after which she drove down to Amethi to meet the family of the victim.She attended the funeral procession and even lent a shoulder. Keshav Prasad Maurya, UP deputy CM, said the victim was a ‘good worker’ of the BJP and assured the police would take fast and strict action against the culprits. Pramod Tiwari, former Congress MP, asked the BJP to introspect when it could not save its own worker, how would it protect the common people, despite having governments at the State and the Centre.last_img read more

ICC’s claims on WC trophy belie facts

first_imgThe International Cricket Council (ICC) on Monday tried to manufacture an elaborate defence of its World Cup trophy goof-up, claiming that the original trophy was intended for only promotional purposes.ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat asserted that the original trophy was presented to India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. “It is very disappointing that media reports do not represent the fact. India got the trophy which was intended to be delivered to them,” Lorgat said at a press conference in Mumbai.The trophy presented to Australia, the World Cup winners in 1999, 2003 and 2007, was the original one with the names of all the winning nations embossed on the base. By contrast, the replica handed to Dhoni’s conquering team, had a blank base. Lorgat did not explain this difference.File photo of Sachin Tendulkar walking by at the presentation ceremony of the 2003 World Cup final in South Africa. Highlighted area shows the distinguishing feature of the 2003 trophy.Far from owning up to the hoax that had been played on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s world-beating team and the millions of Indian fans – they got only a replica of the World Cup trophy – the ICC claimed that the original trophy, stuck with the Mumbai customs after no one came forward to pay the duty for its release, would have been used for promotional work in Mumbai.However, a senior customs official contradicted Lorgat, saying that ICC officials had haggled over the payment of duty till Friday evening – a day before the India-Sri Lanka final.advertisement”The ICC officials initially did not want to pay up the duty. They claimed that the trophy would be presented at the World Cup ceremony and then taken back. It should not attract any duty, as it had no commercial value. However, when we did not relent they agreed to pay up the duty and were haggling on the amount to be paid. The discussions were on till Friday afternoon. On Friday evening, they suddenly told us that we could keep the cup as they were not going to pay,” said a customs official.The customs team, led by additional commissioner K Premchand had evaluated the trophy at Rs 60 lakh and fixed the duty at Rs15 lakh.Non payment of duty led to the trophy being detained by the customs. By all accounts it seems the ICC decided to present the replica only after the “haggling” over the customs duty failed to resolve the issue.Lorgat’s claim that India got the trophy intended for the winners was challenged by former ICC president Ehsan Mani. Nailing Lorgat’s lie, Mani said the convention was to present the original trophy.”It (the original trophy) should have been in Mumbai and the Indian players should have been given the privilege to pose with the real trophy,” he said, adding that the least the ICC could do was to apologise for the goof-up.Rajeev Shukla, vice-president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), explained that the perpetual trophy which should have been at the Wankhede Stadium on Saturday night was not there as it was with the customs. “It would have been better had they got their hands on the real trophy,” he told reporters.Bishan Singh Bedi, former India skipper, told a television channel, “The original trophy has to be with the boys.”Colin Gibson, ICC’s head of media and communications, had an interesting explanation for letting the trophy remain in the customs warehouse. “It was only to ensure its safe keeping,” he said.Established conventions also contradict Lorgat. Original trophies are always presented to the winners at award ceremonies.For instance, this is also done by FIFA, the world governing body of football, and FIH, the world body governing hockey.Cricket too had a running – or perpetual – trophy between 1975 and 1983 when the World Cup was called the Prudential Cup before the insurance company’s sponsorship agreement ended.The World Cup was then organised by the Test and County Cricket Board (TCCB), as the English Cricket Board was earlier known as.In 1987 when the World Cup was held in India and Pakistan, the Reliance Cup was presented to Australia. A replica was given later, according to the then Indian team manager PR Man Singh.In fact, Singh was allowed to take the original trophy to India after furnishing a bond of 60,000 on TCCB’s insistence.In 1992, the Waterford Crystal Trophy was presented to Pakistan and in 1996 the Wills Trophy to Sri Lanka. It was only during Jagmohan Dalmiya’s tenure as ICC president that a permanent, perpetual trophy was instituted.advertisementDalmiya presented the new World Cup trophy, with provision to engrave winners’ names on its round base, for the first time to Aussie captain Steve Waugh in 1999. His successor Ricky Ponting won the cup in 2003 and 2007.In 2007, a trophy with a different base and a solitary round golden tablet, was presented to Ponting.This was given to them along with the perpetual trophy. The Cup that was presented to Dhoni didn’t seem to have even a single golden tablet – as visible from photographs.The ICC has not clarified the kind of promotional work it had planned in Mumbai with less than 24 hours for the India-Sri Lanka final.According to Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) spokesman Samanjasa Das, the trophy arrived in Mumbai only a day before the final.”The CBEC would like to clarify that two passengers by the name of Mrs Emma Waite and Mr Rixon Heyder arrived by flight 9W 255 on April 1, 2011, at Mumbai airport from Colombo. They were carrying a trophy in their personal baggage which was claimed to be ‘ICC perpetual trophy’,” said Das.According to CBEC, World Cup tournament director Ratnakar Shetty, had written to commissioner of customs, requesting that the trophy may be held in the customs warehouse till it was collected by the same passengers on their return.The customs department has also to share some of the blame.It is silent on why no duty was levied on the trophy when it was brought to Mumbai exactly a month before the first World Cup match was played on February 19 and was taken to the Bombay Stock Exchange by ICC president Sharad Pawar and Lorgat.There is a consensus among former cricket administrators and sporting legends that ICC had not done enough to get the original trophy to the Wankhede.”I would have my tried my best to make sure that the trophy was there on the ground. And if due to some reasons I couldn’t have succeeded, then I would be upfront and say that I made a mistake and I apologise. They should have ensured that the trophy was there,” Ehsan Mani told a TV channel.Former world billiards champion Michael Ferreira and Bedi lambasted those responsible for the fiasco. “They should own it up. They should apologise. Are they so arrogant that they can’t say we are sorry or we made a mistake?” said Ferreira.last_img read more

International powerlifting player attacked in Farah town

first_imgMathura, May 22 (PTI) An international powerlifting player was attacked by a man with iron rods when she objected to an obscene remark made by him in Farah town in Mathura district.Asama Alwi, 25, an international powerlifting player, was waiting for a bus to Agra when she was attacked by owner of a scrap shop Lala alias Munna yesterday, police said.”The hunt for the culprit is on. The girl player has medically been examined. Stern action would be taken against the named culprit since it is matter of an international player and thattoo of a girl,” ASP Kunvar Anupam Singh said.The accused fled from the scene when Alwi raised an alarm.Sports and games fraternity of the district have condemned the attack and demanded stern action against the attacker. They also sought proper protection for Alwi. PTI Corr UZM DV UZMlast_img read more

Warriors Win Record 73d

first_imgOAKLAND, Calif. — Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors took their last shot at Michael Jordan and history and they swished it — for 73.Down to their final chance at the record, the Warriors became the first 73-win team April 13th by beating the Memphis Grizzlies 125-104, breaking what many considered an unmatchable mark set 20 years ago by Jordan’s Chicago Bulls — oh, and Golden State coach Steve Kerr, too.“It’s a great way to finish off what was an amazing regular season,” Kerr said. “I just told our guys I never in a million years would have guessed that that record would ever be broken. I thought it was like DiMaggio’s hit streak, really. I was wrong, but I will say the same thing now that I said 20 years ago, ‘I don’t think this one will ever be broken.’ Somebody’s got to go 74-8. I don’t see it, and I hope our fans aren’t expecting that next year.”Curry achieved yet one more shooting milestone, becoming the first player to make 400 3-pointers in a season by knocking down 10 from long range on the way to 46 points and 402 total 3s.Golden State saved one last record for the closing day of the regular season, and did it for a roaring, sellout home crowd at Oracle Arena. Yet these Warriors want nothing more than to build off their remarkable run so far and ride it to another title.“Who knows how far we can take this thing?” Curry said.The Bulls won the title in 1996 — and Jordan mentioned the playoffs in a congratulatory statement.“I want to congratulate the Warriors on their amazing season,” Jordan said. “The game of basketball is always evolving and records are made to be broken. The Warriors have been a lot of fun to watch and I look forward to seeing what they do in the playoffs.”Draymond Green had 11 points, nine rebounds and seven assists as defending champion Golden State (73-9) topped the Jordan-led 1995-96 Bulls who went 72-10.When the final buzzer sounded, Green bounded onto the floor and grabbed the game ball as confetti streamed down and “73 WINS” appeared on the scoreboard.“It means I’m part of the best team ever,” Green said later, still palming the game ball. “Not many people can say that — 15 guys can say that, and that’s amazing.”President Barack Obama sent a tweet that said: “Congrats to the @warriors, a great group of guys on and off the court. If somebody had to break the Bulls’ record, I’m glad it’s them.”NBA Commissioner Adam Silver also offered his regards on the record.The Warriors went for it, all right. They absolutely wanted this record, even when they could have been resting up for the next challenge: to repeat. And Curry? No doubt about it. He came out and did what he has all along during this sensational season: Let it fly from anywhere on the floor.Curry had seven 3-pointers by halftime, then hit No. 400 just 43 seconds into the third.Already the first player to make 300 3-pointers in a season, he knocked down six in the first quarter and three straight during one jaw-dropping stretch that included a 31-footer well behind the top of the arc. And Curry immediately began trending on Twitter.“At a certain point, about eight minutes in the first quarter, I was able to toe the line a couple times, knock it down and things started to flow,” Curry said. “I was searching for it at that point because I made a couple. Kind of let it come to me and then have some fun with it.”Curry shattered his own single-season record of 286 from a year ago. When he hit his 400th, the reigning MVP raised his arms and patted his chest in celebration.He made 10 of 19 3-pointers and shot 15 for 24 overall to go with six assists as fans chanted “M-V-P! M-V-P!” all evening. Klay Thompson added 16 points with four 3s of his own before Curry rested the fourth quarter and Thompson most of it.For all of those so-called experts who doubted the Warriors’ first championship in 40 years last June that didn’t go through San Antonio, this season might have changed their tune.Golden State not only won nearly every night with a cool swagger and new focus on the offensive end but with a determination to be far better than during that special season.From Day 1, Kerr challenged the Warriors to make big strides.Already the Western Conference’s No. 1 seed heading into this weekend’s playoffs, Golden State had to get past the very Memphis team the Warriors squeaked by 100-99 four days earlier on the Grizzlies’ home floor to keep themselves in position to make history.The Warriors whipped the Grizzlies 119-69 at home back on Nov. 2, with the 50-point win the third-largest margin of victory in franchise history.Kerr missed his team’s 24-0 start and the first 43 games overall — Luke Walton led the Warriors to a 39-4 record in Kerr’s absence — while dealing with complications following two back surgeries.The Warriors had their NBA-record 54-game home winning streak in the regular season snapped in an April 1 loss to Boston at Oracle. Golden State finished 39-2 at home for the second straight year.Zach Randolph scored 24 points to lead Memphis, which lost its fourth in a row to end the season.(JANIE McCAULEY, AP Sports Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

At Your Service: Martin de Tours Tailoring

first_img How to Choose the Best Organic Mattress for Greener Sleep How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker How to Cultivate Mid-Century Modern Style in Your Own Home The Best CBD Oil and Skincare Creams for Managing Pain Oliver Cabell’s New Phoenix Sneakers Are 3D-Printed With Recycled Plastic Bottles Martin de Tours just proves  there is always something in need of tweaking on the internet. I get my fair share of PR people emailing me about my shirt sizing to send samples of their wares to try and (possibly) post about, but even after being asked the question hundreds of times by them and of course when shopping, I often forget neck, waist, arm, chest.That is where the new tailoring brand, Martin de Tours has found a niche. Launched in the fall of 2013, the brand is combining quality clothing, niche technology and personalized service. Their angle is offering ‘Style Valets’ who can either meet you at your home or office (in certain cities for now) or online via chat. These valets will aid you in getting the proper measurements as well as give advice on what shirt and suit are best for you, which can be a huge help when we forget our measurements or need a measuring 101 session.Founded by former Creative Director Jordan Cummings who worked with brands like Paul Smith and Agi & Sam, all the clothing is made in a new factory   in Hong Kong and fabrics hail from Italy for now. Once their Kickstarter finishes they hope to expand to British fabrics (Harris Tweed!) as well. They offer made-to-measure suits, shirts and separates (blazers, vests) with loads of customizable options and monogramming.Another bonus to the brand is that pricing is reasonable since there is no brick and mortar or middle man. Suits range from $495-800 and shirts from $99-130. So no more rummaging through racks and racks of suits to find the one you like and then spending a fortune on tailoring. Now you can have a custom suit, pick the lining, buttons and add a monogram and not break the bank, all delivered to your door in four weeks. Boom, you’re the envy of all of your friends and looking sharp at that.Oh and the name? Martin of Tours was a soldier in  the Roman army. He is best known for using his sword to cut his cloak in two, giving half to a beggar clad only in rags in the depth of winter in what is now modern day France. That’s one to drop over drinks. Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Supreme Court set to rule on voting rights for longterm expat Canadians

first_imgTORONTO — Long-term Canadian expats are set to find out on Friday whether a 25-year-old law barring them from voting in federal elections is constitutional.The pending decision by the Supreme Court of Canada should settle a legal battle begun in earnest during the former Conservative government of then-prime minister Stephen Harper, and which gained prominence in the election that brought the Liberals under Justin Trudeau to office.Observers said they would be watching to see whether the country’s top court might justify limits on a constitutionally guaranteed right that potentially affects more than one-million Canadians who live abroad.“What makes this case so interesting is that the Constitution sets no limits on citizen’s voting rights, so does that mean legislatures get to impose one?” Toronto-based lawyer Andrew Bernstein said on Thursday. “Do the reasons why someone has moved make a difference? How strict will the court be when the government seeks to justify an infringement?”While the Constitution guarantees all Canadian citizens the right to vote, Canadians who have lived abroad for five years or more lose that right under provisions of the Canada Elections Act enacted in 1993. However, it was only under Harper that Elections Canada began enforcing the provisions more strictly, prompting the court battle.Two long-time expats living and working in the United States launched the charter challenge after they were denied the right to vote in the 2011 federal election.Essentially, Jamie Duong, of Ithaca, N.Y., and Gill Frank, 40, an academic living in Richmond, Va., argued nothing warranted the abridgement of their constitutional right to vote. They insisted they maintain deep ties to Canada, and taxes and other laws passed by Parliament could still affect them.For its part, the government maintained the rules were reasonable and fair to Canadians living in Canada, who are more directly impacted by what goes on in Ottawa. The case, which garnered attention from civil liberties groups, initially went in favour of Duong and Frank when an Ontario Superior Court justice sided with them in 2014. However, the federal government appealed and in a split decision in 2015, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned the earlier ruling, paving the way for the current Supreme Court tussle.While the Appeal Court agreed the law infringed on the rights of citizens, the majority found the infringement was justified in a democracy because the rules preserve the “social contract” between voters and lawmakers.In arguments before the Supreme Court, the government noted almost all Canadians living abroad were barred from voting before the 1993 law changes. Ottawa also argued the five-year rule was a policy decision that aimed to maintain the fairness of the democratic system given that long-term non-residents have “different and less onerous responsibilities” under Canadian law.The expats responded by calling the five-year threshold an arbitrary marker that did not take into account their ongoing connection to Canada.In the 2015 election, celebrities such as Donald Sutherland, Canadian business groups abroad and other expats rallied against Harper and the expat voting ban.The campaigning Liberals promised a review and the Trudeau government, which faces an election campaign in October, introduced legislation in November 2016 to extend the franchise to all Canadians abroad. The legislation never got beyond introduction despite government claims it was a priority.The issue, Frank has said, is that voting rights should not be “subject to the political whims of Parliament.”Colin Perkel, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

The queen and dean of sports officiating

WATERFORD – Betty Opersko is a walking, talking one-woman argument in favour of active living for seniors.Opersko recently surpassed the 70-year mark as an umpire and referee.Even now, with the Waterford native well into her 80s, Opersko remains on call to officiate volleyball, softball and kids basketball games. It’s a feat many in the local area have difficulty comprehending.“Wow — a 70-year career,” says Jean Montgomery of Simcoe, a long-serving official and coach in her own right. “That achievement can only be accomplished by the love of sport and pure dedication to players, coaches and officials.“Betty has a keen eye for talent and always encouraged athletes with wise advice.  Many athletes and officials have gained valuable experience through Betty’s knowledge, discernment and remarkable character.  Betty is a shining star in our community.”Many of the best referees and umpires got that way by excelling at the sports they oversee. Opersko is no different.As a child, she was recognized as a natural athlete. As a teen, she played with and against athletes much older than herself.By age 10, Opersko was a utility player for the Jarvis Jills softball team. She was certified as a volleyball referee in Grade 9 after passing her exam in Niagara Falls. Her basketball certification came soon after.“I’ve never hung up my whistle,” Opersko said last week. “My body is sports-minded. I was a catcher for over 50 years and I could hit home runs. I had an arm like the boys.“Know why I was good at umpiring? Because I was a catcher, and I know how to call balls and strikes.”Opersko admittedly comes from tough stock. The youngest of 11 children, she tells the story of the day her mother Pearl was out in the field hoeing weeds with her daughters on the family farm near Townsend Centre.Pearl put down her hoe and told the girls she had to go to the house for something. When she didn’t return right away, the girls went looking for her.They found Pearl in the house with their new sister. Pearl Opersko delivered Betty herself, cut the umbilical cord, cleaned her up, and was nursing her when the girls walked in.“She told them ‘Don’t you call Dr. Sutherland,’” Opersko said. “’I’m not giving him $100.’ That night, she went out and helped milk the cows. It was from her that I got my strength as an athlete.”As a bonus, Opersko has retained sharp eyesight – a must for any official who works in front of demanding crowds.“When I was a high school student I remember her umping fastball while I was playing,” says Dave Leatherland, head of phys-ed at Delhi District Secondary School.“She is a stalwart. Every volleyball season that comes around you know she will be there. She is very particular about enforcing the rules and she has always represented herself well. She’s very well respected and knows and understands sports.”The dean and queen of sports officiating in Ontario has received numerous accolades.These include membership in the Norfolk County Sports Hall of Recognition, the Brantford Sports Hall of Recognition, and the former Canadian sports hall of fame at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds in Toronto.For good measure, Opersko was a gold medalist at the 1953 Ontario Plowing Match in Alliston.Opersko came of age when a worthy individual could be invited into the teaching profession and earn their credentials on the job.Opersko retired with a full slate of letters after her name. She enjoyed a successful career teaching physical education and business courses. Communities where she taught include Delhi, Brantford, Burford and Hagersville.“I am giving back to sport what sport gave to me,” she says.“It’s been a nice journey. But it hasn’t ended. There will still be something. Even if I’m not 16 anymore, I can still put in a 16-hour day.”MSonnenberg@postmedia.com read more

Resolute hopeful that sawmill startups will breathe life to Ontario communities

Resolute hopeful that sawmill startups will breathe life to Ontario communities MONTREAL – Resolute Forest Products says the improving U.S. housing market is allowing the lumber producer to expand its sawmill production capacity for the first time in years, helping breathe new life into several northwestern Ontario communities.The Montreal-based company expects to create a few hundred direct and indirect jobs over the next year or so as it prepares to restart sawmills in Ignace that have been idled since 2007, build new operations in Atikokan and increase capacity at several other operations in Ontario and Quebec.CEO Richard Garneau said more than 300 residents flooded into a town hall meeting of one community to express their interest in one the company’s projects which together will add 400 million board feet of annual capacity by mid 2014.“For them it means jobs, it means their living,” he said in an interview, pointing out the heavy impact the downturn has had on these isolated communities and nearby aboriginal areas.Garneau said these sawmills are going to better position Resolute’s pulp and paper mills because of the improved quality of chips that will be processed by the company. However, he wouldn’t say how much additional earnings are expected to be generated.Resolute (TSX:RFP) beat expectations even though its net loss surged to $36 million in the fourth quarter due to several factors, including lower prices and volumes in its paper business as well as costs associated with idled operations.The pulp, paper and lumber producer said Tuesday it lost 38 cents per diluted share for the period ended Dec. 31, compared to a net loss of $6 million or six cents per share a year earlier. Sales were unchanged at $1.1 billion.Excluding $70 million of special items, the former AbitibiBowater earned $34 million or 35 cents per share, a 24 per cent drop from the $45 million or 46 cents per share earned in the year-ago period.Analysts had expected Resolute would earn 18 cents per share in adjusted profits.Paul Quinn of RBC Capital Markets said the impact of the fourth-quarter results was “neutral” as weaker newsprint and specialty paper markets were offset in the quarter by improvements in market pulp due largely to less downtime, and gains in wood products.Resolute posted a $46-million operating loss in the quarter due to closure costs and impairment charges mainly related to the idling of a pulp mill and specialty paper machine in Fort Frances, Ont., the closure of a specialty paper machine in Laurentide, Que., and costs related to the sale of assets in Mersey, N.S.Garneau said the company continued to aggressively restructure its operations in the second full year since it exited creditor protection by cutting labour and other costs and focus operations on its most productive and lowest-cost machines and co-generation operations that will eventually add $55 million to $70 million in annual EBITDA.However, he vowed continue to “turn stones” to find new cost savings.“We have turned a lot of them in the last two years and in any business it’s a never-ending process to reduce costs,” he said.The focus will be on things like better use of power and steam and optimization of wood waste usage rather than cuts that will directly affect employees.As it has idled machines and closed facilities, Resolute has cut hundreds of jobs. It has 9,200 employees, including 4,844 in Quebec. It has cut nearly 600 pulp and paper positions in Quebec and created 200 to date with the restart of operations in Dolbeau and plans to restart Gatineau.For the full year, the company lost $2 million or two cents per share on $4.5 billion of sales, compared to a $41 million, or 42 cents per share profit on $4.8 billion of sales.Excluding $81 million in one-time costs, it earned $79 million or 81 cents per share, compared to $166 million or $1.71 per share.Garneau expects 2013 could be another challenging year as lumber demand continues to improve and the pulp market slowly recovers along with the global economy. However, he warned that newsprint should continue to be challenged as North American demands weakens and prices are challenged because of the restart of White Birch’s operation in Stadacona, Que.“We’ve done everything that was possible to continue to position the company to be more competitive and obviously we’re more optimistic on pulp and lumber but on paper we’re certainly well-positioned with the cost competitive mills and machines that we now have.”The purchase of Fibrek has allowed Resolute to add 750,000 tonnes of annual capacity and become North America’s fourth-largest pulp producer. It spent a lot of money last year to remove years of sludge from lagoons and complete costly repairs at St. Felicien and is negotiating labour cost savings by contracting out several full-time positions.On the Toronto Stock Exchange, Resolute’s shares gained 33 cents, or 2.45 per cent, at $13.82 in afternoon trading. by Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 12, 2013 3:41 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Tire blows on WestJet flight at YYC

People generally expect some turbulence when they’re in the air but passengers taking off from Calgary International Airport Wednesday, just before the lunch hour, experienced a bit of a fright and bumpy ride, even before the wheels left the tarmac. Passenger Greg Norris was buckled in, ready to head to New York, when he heard a loud bang and WestJet flight 1680 started shaking hard as it attempted to take off. “We slowed down right away. The pilot handled it really well and we came to a stop on the runway and they came on and said, yep, we’ve blown a tire,” said Norris. The inflight crew updated the passengers, and passed out water as people waited on board the plane on the sunny tarmac.“Everybody was fine, so it wasn’t that traumatic or anything like that, but it was different from a normal takeoff,” said Norris.Outside, technicians replaced the blown tire, the other functioning tire that burned out when the pilot had to come to a sudden stop, and the brakes. The aircraft was taxied back to the terminal so the passengers could be placed on other flights. Another trip to NYC was offered at 3 p.m. the same day. WestJet said all the guests and crew on board were safe. Some passengers are tipping their hats on social media to the pilot’s actions and say things could have been much worse. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Tire blows on WestJet flight at YYC by News Staff Posted Jul 16, 2014 2:45 pm MDT read more

Nepalese Minister calls at UN for enhanced partnerships to address global challenges

“An enhanced level of partnership and collaboration is the key to address the challenges,” said Prakash Man Singh from the podium, noting that his country welcomes the Addis Ababa Action Agenda adopted in July – a series of bold measures to overhaul global finance practices and generate investments for tackling a range of economic, social and environmental challenges.The leader of the Nepali congress also said he was pleased to share that after about eight years of “rigorous democratic exercise”, Nepal promulgated an inclusive constitution 11 days ago, which guarantees 33 per cent of women representation in the national Parliament.Meanwhile, on the topic of peacekeeping, Minister Singh said Nepal has been consistently contributing to UN operations for some six decades. “More than 120,000 peacekeepers have served so far with distinct professionalism in more than 40 different missions around the globe and 70 have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty,” he declared.Regarding migration, he said it has “emerged as a mega-trend,” with migrant workers constituting a significant dimension of current human mobility. “In view of the greater vulnerabilities of such people, due recognition and priority should be given to the protection of their rights and dignity,” he underlined. Finally, the Nepalese politician said his country has been overwhelmed by the expression of solidarity and cooperation from the international community on an “unprecedented scale” in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that struck in April and May.“We consider the global outpouring of support and solidarity to be an astonishing feat as well as a significant clue to the vast scope and potential of the spirit of the UN,” Mr. Singh continued, adding that Nepal looks to continued support and solidarity in the phase of rehabilitation and reconstruction. read more

Fla Cop In New Body Cam Video Isnt Sure

In body camera footage released from the fatal June car accident involving Venus Williams, an officer says he doesn’t “feel comfortable” citing the tennis star after the collision.Palm Beach Gardens Officer David Dowling initially approached Williams saying she was at fault after she was T-boned by Linda Barson, who was driving through an intersection as her husband, Jerome Barson, sat in the passenger seat. However, in the clip obtained by The Palm Beach Post Thursday, July 27, he later said he’s not entirely sure.“You just got stuck in a bad situation here,” he says. “Let the insurance companies work it out. I don’t feel comfortable writing you a citation when I’m not 100 percent sure, and I’m not 100 percent sure in this case. Because you had the right of way, you lost the right of way, they had the right of way, also. It’s just one of those awkward situations.”A security video released of the collision shows Williams exiting her gated community Sunday, June 9, and being forced to stop in the intersection when another vehicle turns left in front of her, according to a police report. Williams’ attorney, Malcolm Cunningham, issued a statement to TMZ after a wrongful death suit was filed against her, saying Williams entered the intersection on a green light. Linda Barson said in a police report obtained by the website that she T-boned Williams because she had no time to stop.Linda Barson, who is in shock in the footage as she speaks to a police officer, suffered broken bones while her husband’s injuries included head trauma, leading him to be transferred to a local hospital. He was placed in the intensive care unit, according to the lawsuit, and died two weeks later. read more

Sir Alastair Cook Englands record runscorer to become first knight since

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAlastair Cook finishes as he started with emotional Oval hundredSeptember 10, 2018In “latest news”Alastair Cook is ‘flat-lining’ says concerned Graham GoochAugust 31, 2018In “latest news”Cook-Trott stand strengthens England position against WindiesApril 23, 2015In “Sports” The magic moment: Alastair Cook reaches his century Getty ImagesESPNcricinfo-Alastair Cook, the former England captain and his country’s leading Test run-scorer, is to receive a knighthood in the New Year’s honours list. Cook, who retired from Tests at the end of the summer, will become the first England cricketer to be knighted since Sir Ian Botham in 2007.Cook scored 12,472 Test runs, and more hundreds than any Englishman before him. He bowed out at The Oval in September with his 33rd ton, scored in his final innings – mirroring the 104 not out he made on debut, also against India, in Nagpur in 2006, a tour that signalled the arrival of a rare batting talent.He led the Test team between 2012 and 2017, overseeing two Ashes victories as well as famous wins in India and South Africa, and went on to amass 161 caps – another England record. His run of 159 Tests in succession until his retirement has no equal in the game.Cook, who turned 34 on Christmas Day, is to be knighted for his services to cricket, becoming only the tenth England cricketer to be awarded the honour. The last active player (Cook will continue to represent Essex next season) to be given a knighthood was New Zealand allrounder Sir Richard Hadlee in 1990.Cook led his country in a record 59 Tests, winning the Ashes on home soil in 2013 and 2015, and leading from the front with three centuries in a famous 2-1 series win in India in 2012-13. His most prolific series with the bat, and arguably his most famous hour, came during the Ashes of 2010-11 when he racked up 766 runs in five Tests, including a then-best of 235 not out at Brisbane, to underpin England’s first series win in Australia since 1986-87.He also captained the ODI side from 2011 until late 2014, when he was removed in bitter circumstances less than two months out from the World Cup. With another 3265 runs in limited-overs cricket, he is by some distance England’s record run-scorer across the three international formats.The only Test that Cook missed in the course of a 12-year international career was at Mumbai in March 2006. It was the same trip on which he marked his debut with a century, at the age of 21, having flown halfway around the world from the Caribbean as a last-minute injury replacement.Though his returns fell away in the final 18 months of his career, Cook’s tenacity remained at the forefront of his game to the bitter end, with two more double-centuries against West Indies and Australia in the final 12 months of his career, prior to an extraordinary send-off in his final match against India at The Oval.Having announced his impending retirement, following a fallow summer in which he had made a solitary half-century in ten innings against Pakistan and India, Cook bowed out in remarkable fashion at The Oval in September. He followed up a first-innings 71 with a commanding 147 in the second, a brace of scores which culminated in an extended standing ovation as England pressed on to a memorable 118-run win. read more

Sanja Damnjanovic to join Viborg HK

Sanja DamnjanovicViborg HK One of the best European left backs, Sanja Damnjanovic (26) will join Danish Viborg HK from the next summer. Damnjanovic is playing for Podravka Koprivnica in the last two seasons. She was a member of the Serbian champion RK Zajecar and Slovenian TOP team Krim Mercator as well. Sanja was voted for the “All Star Team” at the Women’s EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia last December.ZRK Vardar also wanted to see the second best scorer of the EHF CL Preliminary Round in the squad, but Damnjanovic was more interested to sign for the former EHF CL winner. ← Previous Story EHF CL TOP 16: Metalurg with away win – Medvedi beat Kiel! Next Story → Borac Banja Luka appoint Jovica Cvetkovic as new coach

Column Ireland can be a centre of international investment AND indigenous innovation

first_imgWRITING FOR TheJournal.ie last week, Paul Allen suggested that the Irish psyche and entrepreneurial endeavours are incompatible. He referenced our supposed ‘appetite for begrudgery’ and made the assertion that ‘in Ireland success is often treated with suspicion.’Allen’s general point seemed to be that multinational companies – which he likened to various ‘imperialist’ masters – are being attracted to these shores, while indigenous enterprises are being neglected. Not only do I not agree with this assertion, his misinterpretation of the facts warrants a clarification.Let’s ask ourselves two simple questions. Does the Government want to continue to attract big name multinationals to these shores, where they already employ more than 160,000 people? Yes, it certainly does. Does the Government also want to support Irish businesses which are determined to capitalise on our improving economic situation? Yes, without question.A range of supports and initiativesThe Government cannot afford to focus on any one sector of the economy as it aims to turn our jobs market around. While we continue to attract major international companies to Ireland, we have also introduced a range of supports and initiatives through the Action Plan for Jobs, being led by Minister Richard Bruton TD, to support small and medium Irish businesses, which employ more than 600,000 people in the local economy.A closer look at last week’s extremely encouraging CSO figures – which show 58,000 people have been added to the workforce in the last year – show some interesting trends. Employment in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors is up by almost a third, while employment in tourism-related services is up by 12 per cent. These are indigenous Irish businesses, many of them small in scale, which are steadily expanding their workforces.This isn’t happening by accident. The Government has systematically introduced a range of initiatives over the last two years or so to specifically target these sectors, and many others. For example, the scrapping of the air travel tax and the retention of the lower VAT rate for tourism services in the recent Budget was widely welcomed by industry figures, who are keen to sustain the major recovery in visitor numbers.Three principlesThe Government’s approach to indigenous Irish companies is primarily based on three principles; encouraging start-ups, supporting existing businesses in the domestic economy, and helping Irish enterprises to expand into export markets.Recent evidence shows that more than two-thirds of jobs growth comes from enterprises in their first five years of existence; that’s why the Government is placing such a big emphasis on start-ups, and it’s why we’ve asked Dragon’s Den star Sean O’Sullivan to review our strategy for entrepreneurship. There are a huge range of schemes to help those thinking of starting their own businesses; such as tax reliefs for entrepreneurs, multiple initiatives to help with access to credit and direct funding for early stage high potential start-ups.Sometimes the range of supports available can seem daunting or confusing for an aspiring entrepreneur, and that’s where the new Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) will come in. LEOs will act as a one stop shop for all enterprise supports in every county, offering direct access to mentoring, microfinance and grants, while also providing access to the wide range of Enterprise Ireland supports for indigenous companies.Access to creditThe Government recognises that access to credit has been a significant challenge for domestic businesses. That’s why we’ve introduced a series of schemes to provide options if the banks aren’t playing ball. More than €2 billion in credit is being made available to small businesses through a suite of measures including the Credit Guarantee Scheme and the Micro-enterprise loan fund. In this way, the Government is providing direct financial assistance to local Irish businesses.The Government has listened to businesses when they said they wanted to take on extra employees, but they couldn’t afford to do so. Through the JobsPlus scheme, which has been up and running since the middle of the year, the Government covers one in every four euro it costs to hire someone off the Live Register. Helping Irish companies to expand into overseas markets is also hugely important; that’s why a new Potential Exports Division has been set up in Enterprise Ireland, providing a range of initiatives to help companies export more.We will continue to aggressively target multinational companies and, encouraging, an increasing number of emerging international firms, as well as major corporations, are choosing to set up their European and Middle East Headquarters in Ireland because we have a well established reputation as being a hub for innovation and investment. But in tandem with this approach, the Government will also continue to support Irish entrepreneurs to grow more jobs at home and win more investments overseas. This twin approach will allow Ireland to become both a centre of international investment and indigenous innovation.Damien English is Fine Gael TD for Meath West and Chairman of the Oireachtas Committee on Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation.We’re interested in your ideas and opinions – do you have a story you would like to see featured in Opinion & Insight? Email opinions@thejournal.ieColumn: Calling time on multinational imperialismRead: How can we make Ireland a global technology hub?The Companies Bill: Everything you need to know about the biggest piece of legislation in the State’s historylast_img read more

Greek Australian woman racially attacked

first_imgA Greek Australian woman was the subject of a racial attack on a Melbourne train this week. Arna Dionysopoulos, 26, was on her way home from work on Wednesday afternoon, when a man described to be Caucasian, noticed her nametag. The Age reported that the man then proceeded to tell her that she should “get out of Australia”, adding that he would love to put a gun to her and her father’s heads and pull the trigger.The IT consultant, who was born in Australia to a Greek father and German mother, says that she initially didn’t realise the abusive comments were directed at her, as she considers herself to be as Australian as anyone else. “It’s quite shocking that that’s what some people believe,” she told The Age. “If you live here, you’re Australian.”Ms Dionysopoulos’ attempts to ignore the abusive comments by reading her book however, were unsuccessful. The man, who she says could have possibly been under the influence of drugs, continued to hurl abuse, and upon being told to calm down by a fellow commuter, claimed to have four knives on him. The 26-year-old then disembarked the train at Footscray station ahead of her destination. Thankfully another commuter accompanied her, as they soon discovered the abuser had followed them. Shaken by the incident, Ms Dionysopoulos quickly contact the police and reported the matter.*The man is believed to be between 173cm to 183cm tall with a thin build, and unshaven. If you have any information regarding the incident, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report via www.crimestoppersvic.com.au Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Une tablette à 50 dollars pour les plus défavorisés

first_imgUne tablette à 50 dollars pour les plus défavorisésAprès avoir fourni au gouvernement indien la tablette la moins chère au monde, l’Aakash (“ciel” en hindi), la société canadienne Datawind va proposer au grand public une version améliorée de ce terminal. Une tablette qui sera vendue seulement 50 dollars.En octobre dernier, la société canadienne Datawind lançait la tablette la moins chère du monde, l’Aakash, dans le cadre d’un programme mené avec le gouvernement indien pour offrir aux étudiants un accès aux technologies de l’information. 100.000 tablettes avaient ainsi été fournies.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Aujourd’hui, la firme dirigée par deux frères d’origine indienne, Suneet et Raja Singh Tuli, s’apprête à proposer au grand public une version améliorée de ce terminal. Lancée dès le mois prochain, la tablette rebaptisée UbiSlate sera vendue un peu plus de 50 dollars. Et déjà, le succès est au rendez-vous avec les pré-commandes ouvertes sur un site dédié. “L’accueil est fantastique ! Nous recevons environ 30.000 pré-commandes par jour. Nous avons déjà reçu trois millions de commandes individuelles” s’est réjoui Suneet Singh Tuli auprès de l’AFP. “A la fin des années 90, il y avait 750 millions de personnes branchées sur internet et autant d’utilisateurs du téléphone portable. Depuis, le nombre des utilisateurs du portable a atteint six milliards, mais il y a deux milliards d’abonnés à l’internet, un écart de quatre milliards de personnes… Nous pensons que cet écart est dû à la question du prix”, explique-t-il. Cette tablette à 50 euros vise à offrir cet accès aux plus défavorisés à travers le monde. Aujourd’hui, 8% seulement des Indiens sont connectés à Internet. Il y a quelques mois, Google estimait que ce taux pourrait être multiplié d’ici à trois ans grâce à un meilleur accès à l’Internet sans fil et des terminaux mobiles connectés à bas prix. “Il est probable que la demande pour les tablettes en Inde dépasse celle des ordinateurs. Le marché peut facilement atteindre 20-30 millions de tablettes par an et nous souhaitons avoir une part significative de ça”, affirme Suneet Singh Tuli.Le 17 février 2012 à 19:10 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Atlantic Artist Partner Group Launch Nationwide Talent Search EMERGE

first_img Email Atlantic, Artist Partner Group Launch Nationwide Talent Search: EMERGE News Facebook EMERGE: Nationwide Talent Search Launched atlantic-artist-partner-group-launch-nationwide-talent-search-emerge Twitter Groundbreaking social media-driven talent search seeks exceptional pop and R&B artists from the ages of 13-19Nate HertweckGRAMMYs Oct 13, 2017 – 3:27 pm Attention up-and-coming pop/R&B artists ages 13-19: Meet EMERGE, a groundbreaking new nationwide social-media-driven talent search launched by some of the biggest music teams in the world. Atlantic Records and Artist Partner Group have formed a partnership with AEG Presents, Deckstar, Deutsch, and Spotify to discover and provide world-class opportunities to emerging talent. Who will emerge?“EMERGE is all about breaking the barrier to entry for outstanding young artists,” said Artist Partner Group Founder & CEO Mike Caren in a statement. “Getting heard in this business shouldn’t be about who you know, but who you are as an artist. This campaign isn’t about industry relationships or market research, but about creating a new channel from performer to label, combined with the expertise of our friends at AEG Presents, Deckstar, Deutsch and Spotify. We’re all looking forward to uncovering amazing talent in unexpected places, and creating once-in-a-lifetime shots at superstardom.”“We’re super excited to partner with all of these amazing companies that together embrace all aspects of an artist’s career,” said Atlantic Records’ Chairman & COO Julie Greenwald and Atlantic Records Chairman & CEO Craig Kallman in a statement. “This is a talent search for the digital age, designed to find distinctive voices with huge potential.”All entries to EMERGE will be reviewed by Atlantic A&R representatives, making this the opportunity of a lifetime. Submissions are open to residents of the U.S. or Canada (except Quebec) now through Sunday, Nov. 12. For complete details and instructions on how to enter, visit Atlantic’s EMERGE website.Exclusive Interview: Fifth Harmony “Deliver” On Latest Album, Talk Inspirations & Gucci ManeRead morelast_img read more

YCP supports the removal of Article 370 by Home Minister

first_imgAmaravati: The YSRCP has supported the removal of Article 370, which was introduced by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha, on Monday. Speaking on the occasion, MP V Vijayasai Reddy said its a great privilege and honor to talk about the Bill which has been pinching this country for the last many years and said hats off to the Home Minister and Prime Minister for their vision. Also Read – Saaho movie tickets pricey in Nellore Advertise With Us He commented that this courageous, bold, and daring move of the Home Minister would be remembered in the Indian Parliament history forever and solve the problem of the Kashmir. He also said our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and our party wholeheartedly support the move of the Home Minister and Prime Minister. In the context, MP has raised few questions to the main opposition Congress party in the House. Where he said that had Nehru not been recalled the Indian army which has gone 25kms inside Pakistan and overpowered it, then we would not have been discussing this issue. Secondly, had Nehru entrusted the job to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was the icon of the unification of India. Also Read – TDP flays government for sand problems Advertise With Us MP Vijaysai Reddy slammed Congress that it should have dispensed the provision in the Constitution which is temporary. But they have not done it. In addition, he brought few points to the notice of the House that as two swords can’t be incorporated in one shell how can we have two entities within the Union of India? How can this country have two Constitution? How can a state have two separate flags? Advertise With Us He continues, How can a Pakistani become a citizen of India by simply marring a Kashmiri girl? How can a country has two Prime Ministers and a separate Governor, and we have this in J&K. How can Kashmiri girl becomes untouchable and losses all her rights if she marries someone from other parts of India and how can a boy retain the rights and privileges even if he marries anyone from other parts of the country. MP questioned is it not gender discrimination? He said the people of this country have been fighting since 1947 to realize their dream of looking India as one entity, one nation and today it is achieved by our Home Minister Amit Shah. YSRCP MP expressed happiness that the Home Minister is fulfilling the task that has leftover by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He applauded the government’s object to achieve Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas. In the concluding, MP said that this move would strengthen the sovereignty of the country and remove the discrimination between the citizens. He also expressed confidence that this move will bring peace and development in J&K and congratulated Home Minister and Prime Minister for taking this bold and courageous step of revoking Article 370.last_img read more